YouTube Update For iOS- Featuring Smart TV, Xbox, PS3 Pairing And Capture Support

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Google is not a new name for the users of the internet community. The company is known for the biggest database of information and data available for the users with easy and user friendly access. Beside this search engine facility, the users are getting many other useful applications from the same platform that are compatible with many devices. The recent update by the company is of the YouTube application for the Apple devices.

There are improved features and enhancements accompanying the update. The company has made the application even better and excited with new added supports. This has got the “Send To TV” option as the fresh feature. It allows the users of the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices to send their favorite videos on the Smart Televisions to see the stuff on the better and larger screen. These videos are taken from the YouTube and then transfer to the Smart TV, PlayStation 3 and even the Xbox devices. However, this transfer of information requires pairing to be done and this is done manually.


This allows the users to manage and control the videos remotely. They simply need to click on the TV icon within the video. Select the device you want to play your video on. After following the steps required, the videos can be played on their devices of choice. The users can perform different activities in the videos. They can pause, scroll and shift to the next video as it plays on the TV. Along with this, the users can make use of the Web. They can search for the other videos on the device and play them with the configured device.

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The video sharing service is also having the support for the YouTube Capture in the native application and it allows the recording and uploading the videos. The working of the added feature Capture is not yet set. The users are getting the held up of the system while working in the Settings area or save the recording using the Capture. The iOS users are getting better data streaming on even the slower Wi-Fi connections.

YouTube Update For iOS- Featuring Smart TV, Xbox, PS3 Pairing And Capture Support

The Android users already have the application to use. It was launched for them in the month of November last month. The users were given the opportunity to send and enjoy their videos on the Google TVs. However, this is now updated to support the Smart TVs. The users do not have to put the YouTube application on their TV sets but just the link on devices can allow to play the videos on the TVs and other big screens.

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The YouTube has spoken about the partnership with Bang and Olufsen, LG, Panasonic and Philips last month. They have taken this step to bring the Mobile and TV synchronization and pairing feature to the users and could perform well with these high names of the market. The new devices will play the HD videos and transfer it to their linked devices with bigger screens and display.

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