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Facebook has become an essential part of our lives. You wake up every morning and the first thing you do is to check the updates on Facebook. Earlier, it used to be the newspaper which could provide you the latest news but nowadays it is replaced by Facebook. Social Networking sites have become the best source of advertisements for the marketers as well. They have become so effective that people have started to depend on it. They have become addicted to Facebook that they want to share everything within their friends circle. People get used of sharing the updates of the events in their life by uploading statuses or photos.

The Photos, most importantly. You can share an unlimited number of photos on Facebook which are visible to everyone. When you want to share a picture on Facebook, you want to make sure you look good in it or whichever picture it is, it looks good. This brings you to a thought of editing the picture which can make your picture look even more elegant than the way it is captured. Whichever camera you use, if the editing is done the right way you can make a picture as beautiful as you like.Facebook Photo Editor

Fly Photo Editor gives you the freedom to edit your photos in no time and upload them on Facebook. It is an extension of Google Chrome. It is an app which you can download on Google Chrome and open your Facebook account in the same browser (Google Chrome).

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After installing Fly Photo Editor, you will see a new menu option below any photo opened in Facebook album. Mouse over the photo and next to the tag photo menu option below the photo; you will see a Fly Editor option. Click on it and the photo opens in a pop-up window which allows you to edit the photo on fly editor app, or as you upload your photos on Facebook it automatically gives you an option to edit your pictures on it and gets you back to Facebook, when you get done with the editing and then you can post the pictures on your timeline visible to others.

Fly editor facebook

This app has a lot of tools in it you can increase/decrease brightness, contrast, crop the picture, resize the picture, set the resolution, change the direction of the photos. You can also add different effects to your pictures to make them look more elegant, as black and white, sepia, tint effects and others. The program displays images as small thumbnails, which you can see at a slightly larger size by hovering the  mouse over them.

Fly Photo Editor frames

Fly Free Photo Editing and Viewer supports almost all the formats of the pictures, mostly our pictures are of JPG and it surely surely supports that.

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The only way to save your edited picture is to export it to Facebook timeline and then save it from there and archive it for yourself, or if not it stays on Facebook long lasting because nothing gets deleted from Facebook unless it is your own will.

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