Intab For Chrome Allow Mutliple Windows In Same Tab Screen-Tile Tab For Firefox

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There are many practices followed by the users to view their data and information digitally. They either open their articles in different tabs, some users read the data by clicking on the link and opening it on the new windows, some read it by going back every time and opening the next article to read. Sometimes the users need to consult some other points while reading an article and for this purpose they open the different links for the reference. There is provided a brand new extension for facilitating the user for this purpose. The Intab for Chrome is a useful utility for the users. They can open the data content in the same window you are currently working on.

It is done simply by splitting the tab in two portions with this Intab utility. The users can handle each split separately and browse independently. The users can activate this function and then it ill keep on working until the keyboard shortcut to invoke until it is clicked again.

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There is a simple method to do so. The users have to hold down the Windows button together with the Alt button and then left-click on the link in the web browser you are working in. This can be practiced in the Mac system as well. However, this is done by pushing down the Option Command and holding it down. This will open the data in the new content area where the users can view and read it.


There is also an option provide for the resizing of the window of second tab manually. The users can simply drag and drop and even adjust the size of the Chrome window independently. The users can shut the window by simply selecting the Close option or by either pressing the Escape button.

Download InTab For Chome from here. 

The windows can be separated from each other for individual view by selecting the option provided with the closest option.

Video To Learn About The Extention Utility

The concluding point is that the users who are using the Chrome as their Web Browsers can access the attached links in the same running tab by splitting the space into two halves. They can adjust the sizes of the windows separately and even separate the windows if required.


The Firefox users can use the Tile Tabs utility to open up the different web windows on the same screen. The tiles can be adjusted by right clicking on the tile and adjust the window tiles on right, left, up or down space.

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The tile tab is compatible with the 3.0 and 3.6 versions of the Mozilla Firefox.

Get Tile Tab Tool From Here.

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