Fujitsu’s GPS Cane–Makes Life Easier For Senior Citizens

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Senior citizens this one’s for you! The Mobile World Congress is not just about tablets and smartphones but also about smart-robots, reality glasses and ultra-technology or perhaps, cane technology (yeah, you heard me right). With this New Generation Cane from Fujitsu, a super connected walking, trial product, stick, Grandma’s and Grandpa’s can easily find their way, keep their loved ones posted on their progress and above all, stay healthy. Moreover, it is packed with GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G connectivity, an LCD display, built into the handle, and Bluetooth, also it not only guides them to their destination but also keeps record of their data to make sure they’re not in trouble.

Fujitsu Cane

Also, the cane’s body is made up of glossy plastic and sports a striking contoured handle, which bends all the way round the hand in a loop. The handle, more or less like the pommel of the sword, flares at the front, where there is a large screen of large coloured dots that flashes useful information to the walker, along with displaying big green arrows pointing in the right direction, or big green numbers to tell the user’s heart rate. Moreover, on the top are pointers for the battery status and Wi-Fi and when it is not in use, the dots tend to disappear which makes it look like a plain glossy black smoothly curved handle.

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The cane points in the right direction, with the help of arrows on the handle, as the user walks after being routed and synced with a piece of software on the computer, which sends back the position of the bearer so the relatives can monitor the position on the map and be notified when they’ve gone off track. The main idea is for the user to plan their trip in advance using a desktop program, which in turn sends the directions to the cane. Hence, once they’ve started their trip, the screen tells you which direction to walk in by displaying large green arrows and even the handle starts to vibrate whenever you need to make a turn. Plus, data will also be recorded and shared with their health professional or doctor.


Not just this, but it also collects information and keeps track of how many times the cane taps on the ground. Furthermore, the built-in thumb pad on the handle measures heart rate and the sensors measure the temperature and humidity. All this data plus the user’s location can be sent, wirelessly, to a family member, in order for them to keep check on them. According to Fujitsu the cane is solely built keeping the elderly, senior citizens, in mind, but could also be used by people with disabilities and hikers.

Fujitsu Cane

The good news is that this idea of New Generation Cane, though just a concept for now, has received great response and enthusiasm from attendees at Mobile World Congress, hence soon it may make its way to the market sooner rather than later.

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