My Server App By Microsoft; Compatible With Windows 8 And Windows RT

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The Microsoft company is renowned as a reliable name for providing the operating system platform for the desktop systems and other portable devices. The company has recently launched the Windows 8 operating system. The Windows Store is the place where the users can find the applications according to the need and requirements. The new application has been added to the Windows store and is named as the My Server.

This application provides the support for the Windows 8 and even the Windows RT. This application allows the users to get to the shared files placed on the Windows Server 2012 Essentials and then they can make changes in those files by either adding, removing or editing data in the files. The applications allow other features and functions to the users like searching the data and locating them to the suitable places provided on the Windows 8 and Windows RT devices.

MS My Server Shared Files

It is providing the exciting feature of getting the information about the application which was last used and closed by the users. The application plays the role of the administrative tool quite effectively by managing the users, devices and even the notifications and alerts appearing on the server. This allows the users to see their favorite programs from the platform on TV or Movie directly from the Server at great speed. The two way transmission of data is ensured in the application at proper speed.

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The My Server application will be a big support for those who want to see the stuff after downloading right from the Server. The Microsoft is stuffing the Application Store with the self developed tools and applications. They are trying to excite and entertain their users with the applications from their own platform rather than leaving the users with others that when they will release stuff and when the users will feel privileged.

MS My Server App Media Support

Along with the My Server Application, the users are getting other applications from the company. Some are not very user friendly. The users have to get the tools by spending amount on them. However, there are applications that are available free of cost and provide useful data to the users. These applications include News, Weather, Sports, Finance and Travel guides. These applications have easy to handle interfaces and provide them all essential information regarding the issue. The tiles interface of the OS runs in a way that the users can get the further information on moving the screen to the right.

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These applications get adjusted in the application bar. The users can use these applications quite easily and comfortably. The users can get more information about the ongoing processes and information behind the particular application. They have to right click on the application icon and it will direct them to the other pages working behind the particular applications. The information shown on the desktop regarding a particular application can be managed and controlled by the users by making changes in their setting section based on their preferences and requirements.

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