Create A Recovery Flash Drive For Windows 8 And Free Up Space

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The Microsoft has released different versions of the operating system. The Windows 7 offers many new and exciting features to the users. The users can restore, add or update their utilities by inserting the Booting CD.  The users can create the recovery flash drive and even remove the space hogging recovery partition which is in the Windows 8. The recovery partition matters a lot when the secondary storage provided in the device is less. However, the users can skip this waste of space if they have enough space in their device.

The users can get the recovery Flash drive quite easily with a simple and easy method. It is easy to carry and provide space up to 15 GB and even more.

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The users have to carry out few simple steps to make the recovery flash drive.

recovery flash drive

  • The users have to get the flash drive with the space at least of the 256 MB. The space should be at least as large as your recovery partition space. Insert the drive in the system and format it so that it gets clear and empty. This is done for the purpose of holding the recovery files in that space.
  • Here the start screen will come. Go to the window and type Create A Recovery Drive. Then go to the Settings menu that will appear on the right side. Then select the recovery drive option.
  • The Windows 8 users will be able to make this even easier as they are provided with the option of the Copy The Recovery Drive. This will copy the recovery data from the desktop systems to the Recovery Drive.
  • Select the Flash Drive from the available list and then go for the Create option. If you get the alert asking for the permission to delete the Recovery Partition then go for it. This way the users can get free space on their systems which they can use later on or storing their useful data and information.

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These steps will allow the users to get more free space in their devices. If the users get any problem in their devices they can simply attach the drive to the device and simply boot with the help of this flash drive. The users can also run the Windows recovery tools and also the tools that are provided from the manufacturers end. Whenever this is needed the users can make the adjustments with the help of this flash drive by running it on the device.

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