5 Apps For Office Launched By Bing

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Bing is a popular searching engine product from the platform of the Microsoft. The Bing has given out five applications in the category of productivity. These applications will work for the Office 365 and Office 2013. The products are given out to the users and are available in the Office Store for downloading. The names of the applications are Bing New Search For Word, Bing Dictionary for Excel and Word, Bing Finance for Excel, Bing Maps for Excel and Bing Image Search for Word.

This step is taken by the company Microsoft, in order to provide the Bing services in easy and improved style. The applications are made compatible with the advanced devices coming in the market. The release of the applications is scheduled with the site of the Office which is Office.com and the Office 365 which is coming to the market for the users. The site Office.com is coming with the Store option, which will have the bundle of useful tools and many other enhanced updates for the Office Suite. This will make the work even easier for the users.

The tools provided by the Bing will soothe the users by channeling the data from the Bing to the Office to enhance the functionality of the Office. The features and functions of the 5 applications given by the Bing are as follows.

  • Bing Maps for Office

bing maps for office

With the help of this application, the users will be able to take maximum benefits out of location information. This allows the users to record their information location wise even on Excel. They can retrieve data and information according to the place where that relates to.

  • Bing Finance for Office

It helps the users to transfer their financial transactions to the Office. It makes the work even easier for the corporate sector users who want to maintain their business data in Excel.

  • Bing News Search for Office

This tool is developed keeping in mind the needs of the students. They can search the news from the Word itself and then can select and paste the required information in the documents where they are working.

  • Bing Dictionary for Office

bing dictionary for office

This tool is coming with the English support only at the start and it is providing the most up to date word bank for the users. The tool provided to the users is having the ability to perform the spell check. This makes the documents error free.

  • Bing Image Search for Office

bing image search for offic

The Bing is facilitating the users with the feature of searching Images on the net. With the help of this new tool, the users will be able to perform this operation from the Word document they are working on. The image got after the search can be used in the document by the users. They can make use of the search wherever and whenever needed.

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