Viber Comes to Mac OS And Windows, Competitor For Skype Is Now Here

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We all are familiar with Skype, Skype is the world’s most used software for calling your friends and family, exchanging messages with emoticons and it also supports group chatting, group video chatting and more. For some of its feature you have to buy the premium membership which cost you on monthly basis or you can also buy a membership for whole year. What are the advantages of membership? Well you get some extra features that are exclusive to its paid members like video group chatting, calling landline numbers from your PC and you also get HD video chatting feature with membership. Now Viber has made its way to PC world, you can download and enjoy chatting and calls right from your PC, all you need is to have either Mac OS or Windows installed in your PC.


Viber is an app for Smartphones that lets you call over wifi and your mobile internet and with that you can also send messages at the same time using Viber. Smartphone users are familiar with this app and those of you who are not familiar with this app will get the idea how this application works and what it offers. Most of the users always wanted the Desktop version of this app and now their wish has been fulfilled with the release of desktop version of the viber, Viber has announced the availability of this app for Mac and Pc today.

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Viber will offer the same features as of Skype letting users to send and receive messages during their voice and video calls. There is even a great feature that let you sync your messages from your mobile app which is already available for different operating systems in Smartphone category. If you are using Skype on desktop then you will find the desktop version of Viber not too different and it will give you the similar experience same as that of Skype desktop app. But it does not mean that the apps is exactly same as Skype, well Viber and Skype has their own differences when it comes to services and feature so you might find the two apps slightly different.


According to the CEO of Viber, Talmon Marco the reason of launching the desktop version of Viber is that we spend most of our time using our phones but in spite of that we spend notable time in front of the computer aswell, either it is at workplace or in home and having the desktop version of Viber will save your time from swapping between you computer and Smartphone.


Below are the features that the desktop version of the Viber provides you:

  • You get best quality High Definition voice calls.
  • You also get Video calls between Viber to Viber client.
  • You can send free text and photo messages to your friends right from desktop.
  • Desktop version also allow group conversations.
  • There is no need of registration, passwords or invitations for the desktop app.
  • Your contacts and messages automatically sync between your mobile app and Windows app
  • You can transfer ongoing calls between devices.

Download Viber for Desktop form here.

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