Tactile Display Touch For IPhone 6

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As we know that Apple Inc. is planning to bring out a launch of new series of iPhone coming this year or in the beginning of next year. YES! IPhone 6 is on its way to appear in the market soon. We have been hearing a lot of rumors and confirmed news regarding the new iPhone 6. It is heard to be a sleek phone getting thinner in the middle and most likely will have the new OS as well which is iOS 7. iPhone has been a great success for Apple because since it has launched the first iPhone that’s when actually Apple Inc. was recognized across the world and since then people who are loyal to the brand are sticking to iPhone series until now.

IPhone display touch has been extremely smooth and people who get used to it are addicted because of the convenience level it provides them which makes them think that no other device would be able to perform as best as iPhone. Recently we have heard a rumor about iPhone 6 display touch that there may be the tactile display touch of the coming iPhone. Since Samsung and LG already have used the flexible displays for their users, Apple is also considering this time to use this tactic on iPhone which may prove to be a success for them. Apple is considering flexible displays at least from a technology and patent perspective. It is going to use flexible display to add another dimension to touch making the touchscreen more tactile so you can push into the screen.

Apple mentioned in the patent that the screen of Apple iPhone is not supposedly meant to bend or move around over all. Parts of screen which are not supposed to be touch would be rigid and the part which gets the touch would be bendable only. It is also considering another Z dimension so the screen can move inward. It will allow the users to have a tactile response when they are typing on the touch screen. Touch screens will also have a control on how long and how firm do you press on the touchscreen. This would allow you have a touch freely iOS on the device which will be appearing on the touchscreen of iPhone 6.iphone-air-concept

It is also thinking to shift from the LCD screen to OLED screen. Currently iPhone is running on the LCD screen but OLED screen are suitable because they are more suitable for flexible display as for the thinner phone which is iPhone 6 going to be. If compared with Samsung, currently it is using the AMOLED display which is the largest supplier as for the Galaxy S series. The upside of iPhone 6 would be a power management, dark blacks and higher contrast as per the display.

These are some of the rumors which are collected from us for iPhone 6 and will be most likely appearing on the phones display which will be different this time. It is considered that this time iPhone 6 will be the most different iPhone and would have the latest iOS in it as well.

Keep a track on the news and make sure you upgrade your phone to iPhone 6 as it launches soon.

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