Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Comes In Four Variants – According To Samsung’s Official Website

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Well, look who’s new in town? The much awaited Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini has made an appearance and turns out it comes in four different variants. After the Samsung Galaxy S4 going official it was high time that the S4 line should follow up. This new stud of a phone was announced last week in New York and it comes with an intriguing screen display of, neither 5 inches nor 4 inches, but a full-HD super AMOLED 960 x 540 pixels, display of 4.99 inches! A 13 megapixels camera and a 1.6 GHz octa/quad core processor based on TW Nature UX 2.0, depending upon where you live. In form factor it is much similar to the Galaxy S4, only smaller, which is pretty obvious by the name.

galaxy s4 mini

Right now Samsung expects to sell over fifty million of its S4 devices. With the variations and difference we see it happening too. This one is slightly bigger than its elder sibling the Galaxy S III mini, which featured a 4 inches display of WVGA resolution. It has a pixel density of 256 ppi and runs on the latest version of Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS. That is what we know till now and a bit more. So let us fill you in with the latest update on the Mini S4!

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini is said to be launched in summers 2013, somewhere in between June and July. The summers are definitely getting even hotter this year with the launch of this device. What we knew before was that Galaxy S4 comes in a dual SIM variant, which makes it available in two variants, but now Samsung’s website has confirmed that the device comes in four different flavours! Things at the Samsung house just got more exciting.

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Rumours have it that the GT-I9190 is the standard, HSPA variant with a quad-core processor, Galaxy S4 Mini model, the GT-I9192 is the dual SIM HSPA variant with a dual core processor, the GT-I9195 is said to have the flavour of LTE while the GT-I9198 is a model especially for China with love!

samsung mini appear on official site

What we know for sure is that Samsung does make different models catering the needs of different markets so perhaps, these models (listed above) seem to be the very possible four variants that the Korean giant smartphone company can come up with. If these are true in one form or the other, then Samsung definitely deserves applauding. This, of course, has not been confirmed by Samsung till yet, and the page on the official website supporting the GT-I9190 has been taken down now, so it’d be the safest option to treat this news as rumour for now, but do keep your hopes high and stay tuned for anymore news from the company itself.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini shall be launched at some hi-fi event in June, July this year. So, it’s a long wait for these rumours to get confirmed. In the meantime, we shall keep our eyes open for any news of confirmation from Samsung!

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