Pantech Announces Pantech Perception With 3D Gestures Exclusively For Verizon

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Pantech is a famous and well known Smartphone manufacturer in Korea and also known globally for its Smartphones. Pantech manufacture different Smartphones for Korea and globally. Smartphones that are manufactured for Korea are high end Smartphones, while the global ones vary from mid range to high end. Recently Pantech announced that it will come up a Smartphone that will directly rival the Samsung Galaxy S4, and that Smartphone goes by the name “Pantech Vega Iron.” The Smartphone is yet not revealed to the public but we will see it when the time comes. Pantech has announced Pantech Perception exclusively for Verizon, there have been rumors about it since January but it’s official now.

Pantech Perception comes with the 3D gestures, while we saw many great features that are coming with Samsung Galaxy S4, one can scroll through internet web pages just by hovering their hand on the Galaxy S4 without touching the screen, and another feature which lets you watch movies from the exact spot from where you turned your face away from the screen and many other features. Pantech has added more features to the 3D gesture technology, this technology allow several features with just the hovering of the hand over the screen without touching it. Pantech has named this 3D gesture technology ”Motion Sense.”

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What features does it have? Well Motion Sense technology will do wonders that we have seen with the Samsung Galaxy S4, Pantech has made this technology exclusive to Verizon only. When Pantech Perception will have any incoming call, with Motion Sense technology one can answer to that call just by hovering one’s hand over the screen of Perception without touching it. Other than that with this technology, users can go through contacts, view and scroll through photos and scroll through different music tracks just by waving their hand over the screen.


Pantech Perception will come with the Super AMOLED technology “HD” screen with the resolution of 1280×720 pixels, 4.8 inch touchscreen in size and will sport an 8 MP main camera at the back with LED Flash and a 2MP front facing camera. The handset will come with 16GB on board memory. These are some pretty good features, that will let users to scroll through different option just by waving their hand and will let them use their Smartphone without touching it. What we used to imagine few years back now it’s going to become true and a part of life. Today it’s just Smartphone but later it will come in other electronics too.

Pantech-Perceptions-FCC-visit 2

Pantech said that Pantech Perception will not feature the latest Android OS Jellybean out of the box but will sport 4.0 ICS. Pantech promised that it will have a Jellybean update soon as this has been discussed with the Verizon. It may be a downfall for this Smartphone right now but it will have updates soon so it’s not a bad deal. Verizon will offer this handset for $99 with a 2year contract. The user will also get a $50 rebate via mail that will cut off the price to $99.

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Even now the Korean manufacturer is coming up with this technology and later it will be a part of the other big manufacturers too. Those who find this deal a thumb down may have their reasons for it but to see such features on mid range Smartphone is a success for us. What do you think where Pantech will go with this Smartphone, comment and let us know.

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