Microsoft Is Going To Unveil Office 2013 And Office 2015 On Same Day

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There were hundreds of rumors and fake news surfing over the internet regarding MS Office’s new softwares. A couple of days back, a friend of mine has told me that Microsoft is going to release Office 2013 on Monday 16th of July 2012. Last night, I also came to know that Microsoft is rolling out its most anticipated and rumored software, Office 2015 on the same date. I could not unveil my source, but my source is reliable enough to make me write this article. I am not sure that why Microsoft did not speak a single word about the release of  its Office versions.  Microsoft’s Office softwares are the world’s best and the most sold software. There are millions of people using MS Office and a handsome amount of revenue is also being generated by MS Office.

 The new version, Office 2013 is most likely to borrow the look of Windows 8, but it has yet not been decided that it will also appear in bundle with Windows 8.  A bunch of news have been surfing that Consumer Preview of latest Microsoft Office utility (Office 2013) will be ready by the last week of this month (July). So, I guess there are so many possibilities that we will get at least one of the MS Office on Monday 16th of July (today).

Another reason of writing this article is today’s Press Event, to be held in San Francisco later today. Invitations have already been sent. Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer will host the event. The expectations are very high plus the hype among fan will surely make it a mega event. The first private beta of Office 2015 was released in January 2012. As it was a private beta, so very few of its screenshots could reach the internet. Office 2015 is seemed to be wearing the awesome costume of Windows 8. Well! If we talk about its features, Microsoft has announced that their latest version of Office (Office 2015) will have better online integration. Office 2015 will also come with the integration of SkyDrive (cloud service), Facebook and My Office. The integration with social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Digg and other is becoming a gear of success.

As far as compatibility is concern, Office 2013 will be compatible with Windows 7, Vista and Windows 8, whereas  Office 2015 will be compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 7. Some rumors suggest that there will be an upcoming version of MS Office compatible with XP, having all the features of Office 2015. Today Microsoft will most likely to release either Office 2013 or Office 2015 (Beta). Feel free to ask any question about the above-mentioned software. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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