Google Drive’s Create Menu; Add And Access Third-Party, Drive-Enabled Applications

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The Create service is added in the Google Drive on Friday by the company. The company is providing the largest search engine with the biggest database on the backend. The company is enhancing its services by adding new features and advancements in them. This new Create Menu is having the third party applications. It has made the life easier for the users as well as the developers. The users can access the Drive-Linked applications within the Create Tab provided in the Google Drive.

Though, it may appear as a simple new tab to some but in fact it is a big and bold step. This change has somehow given the Drive-linked applications same status as of Google official applications. The company’s certified applications like the documents, presentations, forms, spreadsheets and drawings comes on the left side while the third party non certified applications comes on the right side. The users can take the decision on their own.

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The developers have provided the option of the Connect Apps To Drive at the bottom of the C-Tab. The users can add the applications which are more in use and they want to make use of them. Simply, the users have to browse for their applications and then add to the window which will then appear on the left or right according to official or non-official categories. This thing is making the application like Chrome Web Store in working. The Connect Apps to Drive also has the search box.

The tab was added to the list of menus two days ago by the company. At that time, the tab was empty with no added list of the applications. However, the functionality of the tab was upgraded by the facility of adding the applications to the tab according to their need and demand.

connect apps

This Create addition was made on Friday, the company added another service for the Web Developers. The company has entertained the users with the facility that the users will be able to share the hosted websites from the platform of the Google Drive. The users have to save their HTML, JaveScripts and CSS files and then share the link to the HTML file. The company is taking this step with the hope that it will grab the attention of more and more users towards the Drive service and this will increase the traffic. The hopes are that some may find this even better than the Dropbox and the SkyDrive.

This is not all yet. The company has not forgotten about the iOS users. Engaging another day of the week, the company pushed out the update of the Drive application for the iOS users. This new update carries many improvements and enhancements in terms of features and functions. These features include the support for the uploading of multiple images and videos and even the QuickOffice integration. This update can be downloaded from the application store on the Apple which is the AppStore. The size of the application update is about 23.2 MB.

The Google company is taking steps to make the Drive Service the main and trustworthy storage space for the users. This service will not only help the users on their desktop systems but it will be helpful for the users also on the mobile devices.

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