Genius Introducing Ring Mouse 2 and Ring Presenter At CES 2013

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The CES 2013 event has provided the stage for many companies to launch their devices to the users. The event has brought the peripherals like the Ring Mouse 2 and the Ring presenter along with the others. These devices have come under the flag of the Genius. The mouse, as the finger ring satisfies the concept of the portability. The users can enjoy the desktop system style working even if they are travelling or away from their homes and work places.

The Gesture counter at the CES showed many products to the users and they allowed them to get the excitement of the on-hand testing of the devices available. The company has tempted the users with a pretty long list of devices like Windows 8 touch gesture mouse named as the Touch Mouse 6000, Smartphones and Tablet accessories, Apple Bluetooth Keyboards, Professional high level Graphic Tablets, Audio Devices for iOS devices and games lovers to enhance the audibility, Digital Cameras and Camcorders and computer mice.

genius ring mouse

The Touch Mouse 6000 allows the users to tap, swipe and the zooming options allow them to get full enjoyment while using the Windows systems. The Touch Mouse 6000 is joined by the GX Gila Gaming Mouse to fully excite the users who visited the desk of the Gesture at CES 2013.

GX Gila Gaming Mouse

This is developed for the users who are the games lovers. The company has engineered the device by providing the DPI range from the 200 to the 8,200. It allows the best cursor positions to the users and provides 12 buttons interface to play the games with full control. It was introduced as the professional gaming laser mouse. The users got best out of the mouse while playing in the high definition games full of action and features. Such games require a better resolution device and a fast performing controlling device to cope with the high end features.

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The users can keep their characters more actively and quickly taking turns and movements in the battlefields while playing games. The device also allows the maximum and close to perfect accuracy with the help of embedded Sniper with just a click of the mouse. The high speed cursor accuracy is also taken care of. The company is providing the high end precision by the Angle Snapping function.

Ring Mouse 2

This is a unique device in the industry introduced by the Genius company.  This is of flexible  and stretchable rubber design. The users can wear it on their fingers and it gets adjusted on the finger well. It is a portable device and users can easily carry it with them wherever they go. This device can be equally beneficial for the education, corporate and home sector users. They can do their work on the desktop systems with full functionality.

Ring Presenter

This ring presenter gives the powerful options to deal with the PowerPoint especially. It is given with the touch sensitive cursor pad. Around the pad, the engineers have put four buttons  to step forward through a slide show or even controlling the cursor. Other than the PowerPoint application, this presenter work as the normal PC-mouse. The device is rechargeable through a USB port. A wide range of colors is available to choose from. The Wireless functionality is handled with the 2.4 GHz dongle features added in the device.

Genius Ring Presenter

The Genius got full attention at their counter at the CES 2013.

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