Future Of Smartphones; Tony Stark’s Idea Of Transparent Phone Going To Be A Reality Soon?

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The cell phones are not just an instrument of receiving the calls and sending messages which are very basic functions for the mobiles. These devices are now symbols of much more features and functions. They are adopted by the users to satisfy the desires of being classy, trendy, social connectors and a portable task manager. The companies are trying to get more technological and more innovative while developing these devices. The next step is leading towards the totally transparent devices in the near future.

 The Tony Stark presented the idea of transparent cell phone in the Iron Man movie which is getting popular with the industry and the users out there. The concept is too hard to adopt but the companies are set to turn it into reality. So far, the LG device with the code name GD-900 has some parts which are see through. However, there are parts that are so far not turned into transparent ones. But the developers are trying hard to get over this point in order to bring out the full transparent body. One of the hurdles in this concept is that the electrodes in the lithium ion batteries are not transparent.


The developers need to work on the electrode part to turn the plan into reality. A Taiwanese firm, named as Polytron Technologies is the first one to take the step towards this innovative development. The improvements and enhancements going to come with this new device are not yet known. However, this will reveal the trends of the future. The future of the Smartphones is going to be a blast according to the happenings around.

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The Smartphones are now coming with the touch screen concept which allows the users to perform the required transactions with a single touch of a finger. The concept of working with these touch screens is that the layer which stores the charge is placed under the screen. They are light in weight and very responsive to the actions. On touching the screen, some charges are shifted to the users which then reduces the charge on the layer. This is sensed by the sensors provided in the device and actions are sensed by the sensors on the corners. These sensors make the device work according to the performed task.


The graphene element provided in the device work as the conductors. The developers can  make them printed on the plastic rather than the glass material. The use of the plastic will turn the device into more flexible and much lighter in weight. The body of the device could be very slim and even can be twisted in any direction. This approach can turn the device into unbreakable device. This concept is going to be unique and very different. The pictures of the device reveal that the company is trying to bring out the device which is fully see through. They have got the desired concept just the motherboard having the hardware connections like the chips, memory storage cards and the camera hardware.

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