Blackberry Z10 and Q10 Review, Specs And Images

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The BlackBerry company amazed its users with its exciting products in the past. However, the focus of the users was turned to other devices pushed in the market from their rival companies. The Black Berry providing company took action against this act and now officially launched the new devices that are capable to compete with other high end devices in the market. The company has high expectations for the release of these devices and hopefully to get their position back in the shelves out in the market.

Black Berry has officially announced the new devices Z10 and the Q10. The company is quite hopeful about the new products and taking its features tempting enough to grab the attention of the users.


The company has launched the Z10 with the touch screen, following the trends in the industry. The device has been in discussions since long time. However, it is finally launched and in front of the world. The device is running on the operating system BlackBerry 10. The list of features coming with the device are as follows:

  • Availability & Price

                The device is going to hit the market in the middle of the March in the United States.

 BlackBerry Z10 image

The users do not have to wait for long to get their hands on the device. The device will appear on the shelves of the market in Canada on February 5 with a price tag of $149.99 accompanied with a contract of 3 years.

The company is pushing out the BB Z10 before the Q10 and it is priced at $199 with the carrier Verizon Wireless.

BlackBerry Z10 hands on

  • Screen

It is 4.2 inch screen handset with the 356ppi. The device features the latest screen technology that will ensure the most efficient and effective performance. The actions performed by the users will be sensed more speedily and will give out results at even better speed.

  • Technology

It is featuring the latest screen technology along with the Touch Screen. The device is made more trendy and according to the demand of the today’s industry.

  • Accessories Accompanying The Device

The device is coming with the clip-on Speakerphone, charger and cases.


  • Keyboard

This device is featuring the QWERTY keyboard for the users who prefer the device with buttons. The users are getting the intelligent keyboard devices.

 The BlackBerry Q10

Z10 Vs Q10

The devices Z10 and the Q10 differ with each other in a way that the former device has got the Touch technology and the later one has got the full QWERTY keyboard support for performing the tasks.

BlackBerry 10 OS

It is providing the users a list of its own default built-in tools for providing better security and to serve the corporate sector users in a much improved way than ever before.  Along with the good features, the OS lacks some points. The OS has many features to grab the attention of the users which are as follows:

BlackBerry Z10 out

  • New User Interface

The BB 10 is going to offer a complete new interface to the users which will help them to control and manage their content and data in better and improved way.

  • Social Networking Support

The operating system has the built-in support for the popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare. This will help the users to stay connected with their loved ones.

  • Screen Sharing

The BlackBerry Messenger is coming out with the exciting and unique feature of the ScreenSharing.

  •  BlackBerry Hub

In Short, the OS BB10 is supporting the Integrated Inbox- BB Hub feature which allows to access the functions of the device by swiping from any corner of the screen.

  • Security

It is providing the high end security feature to its users.

  • BB Balance

BB Balance that allows the users to select between the work mode and the personal-use mode with a simple swiping option. This feature allows the users to work on different applications in both modes at a time.

  • Limitations In OS

The OS has got confusing behavior in some issues and cause efficiency. This takes more time in performing some tasks.

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