iPad Mini With 7.9-inch Display And Starting At $329 Finally Announced By Apple

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Obviously Apple products are ‘cool’ and they keep on becoming cooler no matter what people say about them. Tim Cook took the stage today to tell us a tale about the iPad. Each time there’s a launch, it turns out, iPad sees huge growth which has now reached 100 million accounting for 91 percent of tablet web traffic. Well, we know you love your iPads! One of the most amazing thing about this piece of technology is that it has been so open heartedly embraced by the education system, used by teachers around the globe as great education tool, hence the claim that iPad has been “a game changer” in education. Apart from education iPad has taken over the business world too; four percent of Fortune 500 companies are deploying the iPad.

ipad mini

Tim says that this is definitely not just about it for the iPad and there’s a lot more to it which Phil would put some light on. The fourth generation of iPad series is a power hub with the A6X chip; it doubles the CPU and graphics performance. With 10 hours of battery life, updated camera, faster wi-fi, lightning connector, lightning to USB and SD card reader too and also, LTE.  It is black and white and with same configurations as the previous iPad, with 16GB starting at $499 and $629 with cellular. And finally it is revealed. It is the iPad Mini! Yay, clapping!

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Well, you can hold it in one hand which you couldn’t do with the previous one. Incredibly thin and light, it is only 7.2mm thick, which makes it thinner than a pencil, and 53 percent lighter than the previous one at 0.68 lbs. It sports a 7.9 inch display with the same resolution (1024 x 768) as the iPad 2. Talk about the apps and it has all of them, which were present on the previous iPad making surfing, managing photos, emailing etc. easier for you.

lighter ipad mini

The iPad Mini comes with a shrunken bezel with a larger display area of 7.9 inches. And when people surf the web with this iPad they’ll find that it has a 50 percent larger display area in the browser as compared to the latest Android tablet. Anyhow, the iPad Mini is packed with some incredible technology.  It sports A5, LTE versions, FaceTime HD Camera, 5MP iSight camera at the back and a lightning connector. People at Apple say that when they thought about making the iPad Mini they thought about all the things that made the iPad so interesting and people’s favorite and they kept all those things in this iPad that way. Moreover, it has the thinnest single cell battery Apple has ever designed, of 0.2mm.

ipad 16 GB

Phil’s not done with you yet, it also has tiny smart covers coming in 5 different colours and the price starts at $329 for 16GB storage, which turns out to be the lowest price yet for an iPad. If you want one, then pre-orders start this Friday, the wi-fi versions will be shipped on 2nd November. Team Apple deserves a pat on the back for this addition to their family!

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