Samsung Rumoured To Hit The Market With Galaxy Frame Phone At WMC-2013

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The users keep waiting for the upcoming launches by the Samsung company now due to the popularity and features of the devices offered by the company. They want to follow the company to get their hands on the latest and powerful devices as in the trend. The company has left behind many big names of the industry by giving away the best featured and best seller devices. The most popular handset of the Samsung, Galaxy S III has attracted many users with its features and advanced technology. The rumors float in the industry about the new model of the Galaxy S series that is Galaxy S IV.

However, the launching of the device is yet under the doubts. The sources said that the world may have the device on the occasion of the World Mobile Conference 2013. This information does not match with the reality however. The authentic sources claim that the launch of the device will take some time. The company is planning to get benefits out of this occasion with the other high-tech devices. The rumors are floating around about the launch of the new phone in the Galaxy series. The device is named as the Galaxy Frame.

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The event will not go in vain. The MWC 2013 is coming with the Smartphones line Galaxy Frame, Galaxy Young Duos with single and double SIM models. The dates of availability of the devices  are given out. The shelves in the market will be filled with the Galaxy Frames phones near March 2013 and the Galaxy Young will be in the showcases by the month of Feburary.


The name of the set directs us towards the thoughts that it might present something related to the screen and display features. So far, we do not have any confirmed information about the handset but we can expect high technology in the devices coming ahead. The information about the color ranges of the devices are given out. The Galaxy Frame GT – S6810 is coming in just one color and that is Pearl White. The Galaxy Young Duos GT – S6312 will be available in the Grayish Blue and the White. The other schemes of the colors might hit the market soon after the launch and release of the devices.

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The Galaxy Frame which might be coming out on the WMC 2013 offering the specifications and features of the Ace and Mini and is mid-range device. The affordability of the devices is kept in mind. It is done so that even the users with minimum budgets could get one high technology Smartphone.


The specifications and features of the devices are not given out by any source. There are no words from the company officials as well. Therefore, people are having a look at the previous devices and assuming what the company could launch.

The users who were expecting the Galaxy S IV on the WMC 2013 may face disappointment but the company is adding the flavor of other devices to entertain the users.

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