3 New Colors For Galaxy S III Mini And Note 2 – La Fleur Hitting The Galaxy S III

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Once the devices are out in the market, the owner companies are not done with them. In fact their responsibilities get increased. They have to keep the product under the attention of the users. The company has to provide the services and should be able to entertain the problems and the issues of the users. When the devices are out in the market, there are other companies which give out their products to compete with that device. Therefore, the devices need to get updated even after getting into the market.

The companies started to work on the variations that they may bring to their devices. The user demand changes which bring good effect on their moods and they even do not get bored with the changes. The companies work on special edition releases. The special events approaching the market bring many exciting updates to the devices as well. Days like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine Day, Father & Mother’s Days Special and many other such big occasions when people want to present valuable and memorable gifts to their loved ones.


The  companies know when and how to cash their products. These special days contribute a lot in their policies and sales. The big company like the Samsung is bringing variations to its most popular device in the market. The company has earned a lot from the Samsung Galaxy SIII and still have the scope to get more out of that big blasting device. The company is blasting the device this time by adding La Fleur to the Galaxy S3. The devices front and back body are going to have the flowers.

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The company thinks to release it by the Valentine. A day when people mostly purchase and receive the flowers. The company thinks that the flowers addition will step towards increasing the sales. The officials think when the people will get the flowers for their loved ones on their special occasion they will add this special “flower” in their bouquet to make their gift more adorable and admirable.  The company is going to release the Galaxy S III, Galaxy Ace 2, Galaxy Ace DUOS and the Galaxy S DUOS.

samsung in color range

The company is also releasing the three new colors for the devices. The 3 new colors are added to the Galaxy S Mini and Galaxy Note 2. The new colors are Titan Gray, Garnet Red and the Onyx Black. This will increase the color options of the available devices for the users. These colors that might strike the market by next December. The other devices of the Samsung are also in the queue to get the new color options. The Galaxy Note 2 is going to have the Amber Brown, Topaz Blue and Ruby Wine.  These are expected in the next year 2013.

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We will wait and see what impact the colors and the La Fleur edition will have on the sales and the Samsung devices.

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