Use Android Device As Remote For MacBook Device

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The Android and Apple devices manufacturers are in constant war like terms. This case is not only with the companies but the users of both the platforms are also not on good terms. They never miss any chance to let down each other by raising different points in favor of their platform an against other devices. However, there are plus as well as negative points for the every platform.

The users get locked in the situation sometimes if the users have devices from both  the devices from the Apple and the Android. The devices from both the platforms are not compatible with each other making the file transfer difficult and questionable. However, there are ways provided to connect both operating systems with each other.

The Android users can control and handle the Mac devices with the Mac Remote application. For this purpose, the users need to have the WiFi connection. This is a very easy method to follow which will make the two operating systems to interact with each other.



  • The users need to have the WiFi connection.
  • The Mac IP Address should be known.
  • An Android device is needed.

Media Players Support

The Mac Remote application supports the media players including VLC, iTunes, iPhoto, Spotify, QuickTime, MplayerX, Preview, PowerPoint and the Keynote.

There are other Android applications providing the similar functionality. The application include Retune, that controls iTunes. It is just like the Remote application for iPhone and allows to control things with it.

Activities Performed With Mac Remote

There are many tasks that can be performed with the help of this application.

It is used to perform tasks like:

  • Switch off the computers,
  • Manage the brightness of the devices and
  • The users can increase or decrease the volume while handling the audio and video files.

The users can see the video demonstrating the Mac Remote application here.

With this application, the users can control the media playback with the remote in their hands in the form of the Android device. This will not require any application to be installed in the computer to make the devices work. They will work even without any such application on the computer systems.

The customers using the most popular operating systems in the market can find such applications a blessing. These will allow to integrate with each others. The application can be easily taken from the application store that is known as the Google Play Store. The latest version of the Mac Remote is coming with the following features and specifications.

Features Coming With Mac Remote

  • Fixed UI in xdpi devices
  • Fixed iTunes
  • Code Cleaned
  • Fixed Catalan Translation
  • Added support for PowerPoint and Keynote
  • Fixed Quicktime
  • QuickTime Fixes.
  • Shutdown button and dialog fixed
  • Added VLC FastForward and Rewind
  • Added Preview Support
  • Some UI fixes
  • Made UI more compact

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