Tips To Speed Up Charging On Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Other Android Devices

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All of us face a situation where our smartphone’s battery is almost dead and we are heading out somewhere, you have less time to charge your phone and you know that it won’t really stay on for long but still you charge it. To let it charge a little quicker, you can apply some tips and they will surely charge your smartphone faster than it does usually. You have to keep under consideration that the smartphone’s battery will charge faster if all the apps running on your phone are off and there is nothing running behind the screen which eats up the battery. In  this case I am going to imply some tips on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and they are most likely to work with other android devices as well.

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Running Apps


  1. Lower the screen brightness. The brightness of the phone takes most of its battery, when you are charging it make sure you lower the brightness so that the battery won’t drain while its charging.
  2. Turn off Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi literally drains the battery even when you are not using the browser on your phone. It is better to turn it off because since the phone is on charge you won’t be most likely using it so what’s the use of letting Wi-Fi on.
  3. Turn off Bluetooth. I would say it is not necessarily important for you to let Bluetooth turned on every time. You should only turn it on when you feel it’s a need for it, for example if you are sharing a file with your buddy, only than it should be on, otherwise it shouldn’t be turned on. It helps you save the battery life and lets it charge faster as well.
  4. Do not turn off Airplane mode. I am suggesting that because you could be expecting some important call, or someone could be contacting you and Airplane mode unable the service provided with your phone. You cannot receive or make calls when the airplane mode is on. Turning it on won’t make much of a difference because airplane mode involves Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in it as well, so if you turn those off individually it will be the same thing but the service will be available to you.
  5. And most importantly, charge your phone via the wall charger, not on laptop, because the charger of your phone is made for wall and receives the full amount of power as the charger requires. If the phone’s charger consists the USB cable with it, like most smartphones charger do nowadays, it doesn’t mean you can charge it on laptop; it is there to transfer your data to your laptop or from your laptop. Charging your phone on laptop makes the charging slow and you will end up having your phone turned off in no time.Brightness

These are just some tips to avoid your phone going off faster than usual in less battery. If you follow these tips, you are sure to charge your phone quickly and it will be turned on for a longer while than usual and make sure that every app you use and when you stop using it you stop it from running so that the battery doesn’t drain faster by the running apps. I hope these tips will be helpful and you won’t face any problem following them.

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