Send & Receive Text Messages With (Rooted & Non-Rooted)Nexus 7 3G Tablet

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The most instantly and commonly practiced means to convey thoughts and feelings are sending Instant messages from their devices. They cost the lowest hence are favored by almost everyone. The users want to use this mean of sharing emotion through their every device. There are many gadgets in the market beside only cell phones. There are tablets, Notes and other Smart devices that users carry with them to perform their day to day activities.

The Nexus 7 tablets are getting popular among the users because of the budget friendly property and even the high technology features provided on the device for serving the users in the best way.

The Nexus 7 device models coming with the support of the 3G network has the SIM Slot given in it which might not be open to some users however, some users may have noticed this slot on their own. The users want to turn their devices into an instant messaging device to make their handy devices  communicate with others without wasting time or waiting for delivery of the messages. One way is to synchronize the text messages through wireless network. And this way send and receive the messages.

SIM-Nexus 7

The users can use another way as well to send the messages and this time they can do it directly with the number being used on the tablet. This post is about using the Nexus 7 3G as the cell phone device which can conveniently send and receive the messages.


The users need to have the following things in order to make their device work as the message sender and receiver. This guide is going to serve the users of both the  rooted and non rooted Nexus devices.

  • One Nexus 7 3G Tablet.
  • Active and Operational SIM

 Stock Method: Getting GO SMS Pro

There is provided a SIM slot in the device simply eject that and insert the SIM into that.

send-receive-text-messages-right-from-your-nexus-7-3g-tablet-rooted-non-rooted.w654 (1)

The next step is to get the application on your device that will support this feature. If the device is running stock then go to Google Play Store and get the application titled as a GO SMS Pro.

Download GO SMS Pro 

This is the free application available on the application store. Download the application on the device and once it is on the device then run it. Now you can simply send and receive the messages from the friends and family contacts.

Rooted Users: Installing Stock Jelly Bean SMS Application

The Stock method work for the rooted devices as well but they can proceed with the actual Jelly Bean SMS application. Go to this page and get down to the Download option which is tagged with the ZIP file that is required to send SMS through their tablets.

Then boot the device in custom recovery. This can be done by the ROM Manager or the Reboot into Recovery option. This can be accessed by holding down the power button.

Download Zip File

Flashing ZIP With Custom Recovery

The Team Win Recovery Project is used on the device to open the Zip file on the tablet. Unzip the file and then reboot the device. It will perform the rest of process on its own the application will be installed in the device.


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