How To Use Your Samsung Galaxy S3 As A Free Wi-Fi Hotspot

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The internet has turned the world into a Global Village and this digital world has encircled almost all of the activities of the users. People can carry out their tasks even at distances but then they can share the results of their jobs in no time with the others in the circle. The internet is working and serving almost in in every sector of life. It serves in the educational sector, corporate sector, entertainment as well as for the home users.

Sometimes it happens that the internet gets fail and the users have to pass time without it. It really feels like empty without the access of the internet as this is the perfect way to stay connected with their friends, family members and even the fellow workers from their workplaces. However, when the lined internet is out of order, the users can get the full benefits out of the mobile networks. However, the mobile screen may not fully entertain the users while their work and they may want to adopt some technique by which they can shift to the big screens.

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The cellular internet can be used on the desktop or laptop systems by following simple steps and the users. This process is called the Hotspot. The Smart devices are best to perform this task. The Samsung Galaxy S3s device can be discussed here to make the data connection and above all this can be done free of cost.

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This was charged in US markets until the very recent past. The users were to pay an extra amount even after getting some package for their cellular services. There were many tethering applications available for the implications of this operation but the carrier updates stopped these applications from working on the device.

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The Verizon Wireless carrier in the US makes the decision once that the company is not going to  support any of the Hotspot applications or other tethering apps on the Google Play Store or its users. However, it was not accepted by the users and FCC. The FCC ordered Verizon to open the access to the blocked applications and the tethering and hotspot tools access without any additional charges.


To use the cellular network as the hotspot on the Verizon, there are a few steps that have to be followed.

First of all, access the Settings menu of the S III device. Then move to More Settings. Here is an option titled as Mobile Hotspot. There is a sliding button with the Hotspot to either turn it ON or OFF. Simply switch ON this tool.

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There may appear a pop up window with the indication of Enabling the Mobile Hotspot will turn off the WiFi network connectivity with two push buttons with indications of OK and CANCEL. Select the OK option.

AT&T Carrier

  • Go to Settings menu.
  • Then move to More Settings.
  • Then go to the Tethering and Portable Hotspot.
  • Turn ON the Portable WiFi Hotspot ON and click on OK button.

Sprint And T-Mobile

These both carriers charge for the tethering and hotspot application. There are expectations that the T-Mobile will be in line with the AT&T carrier and Verizon.

How To Set Wireless Hotspot(Root)

The users can get the internet connection wherever they are provided they are within the range of the network coverage.

Required Things

  • Root
  • Treve’s Mobile Hotspot Application

Step 1:

First of all, the users have to install and open the application n their devices. For this purpose, check the Unknown Sources in the Settings menu and security tab further.

Step 2:

  • Once the application is installed, open it.
  • Go to the Menu and then Settings.
  • Go for the Change Device Profile.
  • Select the device name in the next step. For instance, here as we are working on the Samsung Galaxy S3. Therefre, select the “Samsung Galaxy S3.”
  • Click on the Signal button and it will start the tethering process.

The users can edit and control the name of the network, adjust the access authority who can and who cannot use the network data and even secure it by applying the password.

  • For changing name, go to the Settings and go for the Change SSID option.
  • For setting Password, go to Settings and enable the WiFi Encryption.
  • To control the access, go to the Settings and enable the Access Control.

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