How To Use Chrome’s Imgur Extension For Imgur

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Google chrome is the fastest browser and people prefer to use that more over other such as Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Google has provided its user with the best services and the convenience level is at the top. It has made an easier ways for us to access other sites by its extensions. Imgur is used to share photos with social networks or online communities and has the pictures from all over the internet. Anyone can have an access to this site and share pictures and Imgur has provided many options to share the pictures. You can also add pictures to this site even if you don’t have an account there.

As you open, on the left top you will see the “Imgur” sign and beside it a little icon as you click on that it gives you options to upload images from your computer, by entering the URL of a picture, by dragging and dropping, or by copy and pasting. It has given four different options for your convenience. imgur site

Google chrome has created an Imgur extension by which it makes it easier for you to access the site in a quicker and much easier way if you aren’t satisfied with those four options.

  • After the installation of Imgur extension

The Imgur extension supports four ways as well which are pasting the images from your clipboard, drag and drop images to upload, right click on an image to upload, and create a page screenshot to upload the image.

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Now let’s look into each support features of Imgur extension

  • As you must be aware of the first one pasting the images from clipboard, you just have to press CTRL+ C and CTRL+V to the site for the image to be uploaded.
  • The second one dragging and dropping the image is self-explanatory and way easier and fastest way to upload the image on the website.
  • Third is the “Right-click on an image”, as you open the image, right-click on it and you will see an option to “rehost image”, click that, this automatically uploads the picture to the website.
  • The last option is “Create a screenshot”, right click on the page, and make sure you click on the page not on the picture. A folder of Imgur extension will appear and you can select any of these three options to capture the image which are page, view and area.rehost-image

Page refers as a screenshot of full page and its uploaded on Imgur. “View” creates a screenshot of only visible image on the screen and uploads the picture on Imgur and “Area” gives u a rectangle around the area of the page, like a cropping option to create a screenshot of desired part of the image to upload on Imgur.

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All these options are very easy to understand and use as well. If you don’t like one option try the other one. Google extensions have been satisfying its users since long and will be doing so in future as well.

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