How To Upload Photos From PC To WhatsApp Using BlueStacks

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WhatsApp, who doesn’t know about this app? WhatsApp has become a part of our lives now, everyone wants to remain in touch with their important ones, friends and family both. For those who doesn’t know about the WhatsApp, it is a messaging and calling platform used by teenagers and other people. Its one of the most widely used application nowadays and it is found with every smartphone user. WhatsApp lets you chat with your friends and share your memorable events by sharing images and videos with your friends. Just not that WhatsApp gives you the calling feature just like Skype and Viber. WhatsApp is the next generation messaging service. Those who doesn’t have smartphone and want to get in touch with their friends using WhatsApp from PC, we have a solution for you.

Previously we have covered an article over “Quick And Easy Way To Install WhatsApp On Your PC.” which can be found here.

Today we will guide you on how to share your photos and videos on WhatsApp using Bluestacks (An Android emulator for PC) from your PC. Its easy and it will take not more than 10 minutes, to understand this procedure. Get ready folks the procedure is explained below in detail.


  • Windows PC
  • BlueStacks installed on your PC
  • You must have WhatsApp installed in BlueStacks


You can share the data from Windows using WhatsApp in BlueStacks app player. Follow the steps given below:

  1.  First you have to copy the contents you want to access from windows, within BlueStacks. (Pictures, Videos or Text Files)
  2. Then go to following path from windows and paste your data there :-
  3. Then launch BlueStacks and install ES File Manager, if you don’t have it installed already.
  4. Open ES File Manager and find the bstfolder using search option and then find BstSharedFolder in that folder.
  5. All the data you copy from the windows can be found here, in the BstSharedFolder.
  6. Select all the data you want to share or access from WhatsApp. It can be done by long pressing on the selected data and you will see a short menu and select the option “Copy.”
  7. Now Click on the UP Arrow button you see in the top bar of the application, that will take you to the main menu i.e. to sdcard
  8. Then choose the  ”paste” option (from menu >> operation >> paste) and all the data that you selected will be copied on the sdcard.
  9. - Now Launch Whatsapp >> add attachment >> Gallery ( All the data (pictures and videos) you copied from windows will now be visible there).
  10. You are done.

Its an alternative way for PC users to join their friends on WhatsApp from their PCs, though it will not replace the actual application but can be used by those who don’t have smartphone to use WhatsApp.

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If you are confused somewhere in this guide, don’t hesitate to ask us for help, just comment below and have your problem solved. Share your experience of using WhatsApp on your PC.

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