How to Fix Your Computer Needs to Restart Error In Windows 8 on VMWare and VirtualBox

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Windows 8 released preview was launched several days earlier and since then, many people have been eager to upgrade their OS. However, various problems have been encountered by people when trying to switch to this version of Windows.

Many users have encountered an error which tells them that “Your PC needs to restart, please hold down the power button” while installing Windows 8 on VMWare or Virtualbox. This occurs at the beginning of the installation and stops the process from taking place. No matter how many times you restart your system, you get the same message. Today we will tell you how to deal with this problem.

Install Windows 8 On VirtualBox

You see, VirtualBox or VMWare settings are not the real cause of this error. The error is caused by the motherboard configuration. For installation of Windows 8 on a virtual machine, the No-execute Memory Protection Option must be enabled on the motherboard. The instructions for enabling this option on your motherboard are mentioned below. We have used Asrock Motherboard for this tutorial. If your motherboard is from a different manufacturer, the instructions might be a bit different but overall, the purpose is the same and that is to enable the No-execute Memory Protection option.

Step 1: Firstly, reboot your computer and press F2 key for accessing the BIOS for Asrock Motherboard. If you have a different motherboard, refer to its manual for instructions regarding accessing the BIOS.

Step 2: When you get access to the BIOS go to advanced menu follow by CPU configuration. Again, this is for Asrock Motherboard. Other motherboards will have to be configured a bit differently.

Step 3: Search for the No-Execute Memory Protection option and click on it. It is disabled by default. Enable it to install Windows 8.

Step 4: Now go to the Exit section to save the changes.

Step 5: Select the “Save Changes on Exit” option and click “Yes” in the confirmation prompt.

Step 6: Restart the machine and continue with installation of Windows 8.

After this, you will hopefully not encounter this error and be able to continue the installation of Windows 8 in peace.

Have you found the above tutorial useful for solving this error? Tell us through your comments below. If you encounter any problem in it, do let us know by commenting below. We will look forward to it. Also, keep following the blog to get more useful tutorials for Windows 8 that will make you more productive with it and enable you to solve problems easily.

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