How To Disable S Voice From Home Button On Samsung Galaxy S4

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Samsung Galaxy S4 is the most popular phone nowadays, I hear everyone mentioning about it, it is fast and over that Samsung uses the Android OS which makes more positive impact on it, because people prefer Android over any other OS in their phones. Samsung Galaxy S4 is a great phone with a big screen, sleek and attractive design. These smartphones are primarily known for their apps, if the apps aren’t there, it won’t be much attractive and fascinating, otherwise you can use any other simple phones as well just for calling or texting but the apps let you play games, you communicate through the social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter and more.

Well, since the device is popular obviously there are some defaulted settings in it already which could be pretty annoying and one of them is the home button defaulted setting which can open up the Voice recorder of your phone when you don’t want it to come up. Suppose you are in a hurry to make a call and you tap home and then the calling option and if you tap the home button on it again accidently it will open up the S voice (voice recorder). So to avoid that and to disable just follow some steps and you will be done with it.

  • Go to the settings of your device.
  • As the setting screen opens, you will see a lot of options, under the “General”, tap the “Open via home key”, uncheck the box. That will disable the S voice launching on the second tap on home button. It also mentions under the heading of open via home “Open S voice by double pressing the home key”.
  • Once you are done with it, go and check by pressing the home button twice and you will see it won’t open up the S voice.home buttons voice disable

S voice is a great feature in this phone, but we don’t really need that every time and when we are using the phone in a rush, the launch of it on the screen could be annoying. You can record your voice or someone else’s voice and then enjoy it. You can also record songs on it and set them as a ringtone or notification. The S voice saves the file as a media file. You can open this feature by going in the main menu of Samsung Galaxy S4, this setting does not remove the app from the phone but it disables it from the home button.

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There are always options with the machines or gadgets we use because they are made by humans, so we try our best to provide you with the solutions so you don’t get fed up with the device. Samsung Galaxy S4 is a great and an awesome phone which could be in best use if you know all its features. You can change the settings according to your wish, add applications of your choice and enjoy the phone. Android provides every kind of app which you need, you can just enter the name of the app on the play store and I doubt that you won’t find your desired app.

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