How To Disable Preloaded Apps In Samsung Galaxy S4

By | May 8, 2013

Samsung has been increasingly growing since it introduced its touch series; lately you must be seeing a lot of people using Samsung Galaxy series, people prefer them more over the other devices because it is one in all package. Samsung uses Android OS and over that it’s a sleek big touch screen phone. Samsung has introduced its new Samsung Galaxy series S4 recently, which is catching the heights of sale. It is not much of a difference than Samsung Galaxy S3 but it has an advantage of more storage space. It offers the phone with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB and the price increases accordingly.

You must be aware that when you buy any smartphone it is already preloaded with the apps, such as navigations, memos and more. The apps which you won’t really need but in fact you would like to download other applications of your choice. The apps that are already preloaded in the device, do take up space in your phone by which you are unable to load the desired number of apps which you want on your phone instead of the apps you don’t use, and the worst thing about it that they are installed in way that you cannot disable them and they would be running on the background of your phone, which will cause the battery low in just a few hours. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has the preloaded apps in it as well which consume space, such as if you have an AT&T service you would be having an AT&T navigation app, which you won’t need off course. So here is how can disable it and prevent it from running in the background of your device.

  • Go to the settings, and then “More”
  • Find “Application Manager” option and tap on it.
  • Swipe left to “All” and you can hide all the apps you don’t want them to appear on your main menu of Samsung Galaxy S4.
  • Uncheck the Notification box, and tap “Disable”. This removes the app from the main screen and it won’t be running in the background of your phone as well. Normally when you want to remove an app you see the option for “uninstall” but for the preloaded apps you can’t uninstall them so instead disabling is the option galaxy s4 screenshot

So as you complete this process, go back to the main screen and you will notice the app which you have disabled is not there anymore. You won’t have to deal with the unnecessary apps on your device anymore.

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You can uninstall the preloaded apps by rooting your phone but rooting the phone is risky it could get your phone’s speed slow and other factors with it as well. It is better to disable the apps rather than rooting the whole phone for just removing the apps which you don’t need.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is not an ending series of Samsung galaxy , it keeps improving and there are more to come. We provide you with the most accurate and reliable information which can satisfy your queries.

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