How To Add Dropbox And Google Drive Into Office 2013

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Technology has made our lives very easier nowadays. We don’t have to physically carry gadgets with us if we have to present, it has provided us certain websites and software where we just need to have an account and we have access to it by logging in any device. Microsoft office 2013 has recently been introduced and is known the best office so far. It keeps on improving overtime and getting enhanced to provide the best quality of service to its user. Obviously if you are a professional or a student you would be using office tools at some point. To make reports, projects and more, Office is the best software to do so.

Since office 2013 is more enhanced it has given us a feature of adding our files from Google Drive and Dropbox to the office document. Dropbox is an Android app which brings your files to you on the go, lets you edit the files, upload pictures or videos and share it with your loved ones. And similarly Google Drive acts the same way as Dropbox. Now how to add these cloud storages on office 2013, it is easy just follow some steps and all the files will be available to you from the servers of these third party services on office 2013 without uploading each from your desktop. It is a quicker and convenient way which saves your time as well.

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We will first see how to add Dropbox and Google Drive to the server and then the further steps are explained.

Adding Dropbox

  • First download the batch file for Dropbox service to be added on windows. (doesn’t matter which version you have for windows)
  • Right click on the batch file and click on “Run as Administrator”
  • The batch files suggest you to press any key from your keyboard to proceed further.
  • That will take you to a screen where you will type the location of the Dropbox folder in your hard drive. Just copy and paste the link given below

“C:\Users\*windows user name*\Dropbox.”

“Windows user name” refer to the name from which you sign into your windows with. Suppose you have named your computer as “Jolly”, so enter that specific name. this will end the process of adding Dropbox into your hard drive.

If you want to add Google Drive, follow the same steps but instead of “Dropbox”, you will enter “Google Drive”.

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Now, it is time to enable these services into office 2013.

  • Open Office 2013, Click “File” which is at the top left corner of the office 2013.
  • Select “Add a place”.
  • You will see the option for Dropbox and Google drive there, select whichever you want to and press “Done”.office 13- add

This completes the whole process of adding these services to the new version of Microsoft Office.

If the steps are followed accurately I am sure you won’t face any hassle in completing the whole process and you will save more time than usual when you are working with Microsoft Office 2013.

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