Best Ways To Block A Number From Calling Your Cellphone

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No one’s phone number is private, it leaks it out some way or another, either by your friends, family or if you have signed up as a customer to a company. Your phone number is visible in the directory of the specific country where you reside. You receive random calls from unknown numbers and you get disturbed by them when you are attending a lecture, in a meeting or somewhere you just cannot pick or do not want to receive unwanted calls. Nowadays, everyone has smartphone which gives you a lot of options to block the number from calling on your phone without any means. You get irritated by those calls and get tired of cutting the call again and again if the number is unknown to you. Technology has gone so advanced that it has found ways for you to block the numbers on your phone.

Ways To Block Incoming Unknown Calls

Built in feature: As mentioned earlier, every other person has a smartphone, iPhone, BlackBerry, HTC  or Samsung mobile. These mobiles come with a built in feature of block caller or block number option. What do you have to do to block the specific number? You add that number to your contacts and then it gives you an option to block the call. This restricts the caller by calling you, it takes the caller straight to the voicemail or the phone appears to be off to the caller, it depends on the phone you use.

Applications: Smartphones work with the applications and the main keys of smartphones are the apps; you download different apps from the apps store, play store of the phone which is already built in app in every smartphone device. The apps actually control the phone because the device is actually used for those apps. Every OS has different and a lot of apps to block the incoming calls.

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For Android, its “Mr.Number”, it downloads for free from the PlayStore of Android devices. This does the same function as the app mentioned above but for Android OS. The last but not the least is the Blackberry, the app to block unwanted calls is “block’em”, and this does the same as blocking unnecessary calls without disturbing or annoying you. You can download it for free from BlackBerry World.

mr.number call blocksblock em

Last are the Phone carriers, you can make a call to your phone’s carrier and they can block the call for you with confirming your information. This portrays to the caller that the number is no longer in use and in actual you don’t get disturbed by the unwanted calls. In this situation the customer representative does the work for you if you do not want to imply two ways mentioned above.

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These are some ways which can help you get rid of unwanted calls, you first have to check which kind of phone you have and then continue to follow the ways which imply according to your device. We provide you with the best and accurate information which can fulfill your need and answers all your questions.

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