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Mac OS X menu bar could be pretty populated and confusing; if you are new to MAC OS X it is better to remove the application icons which you don’t use on daily basis. As you look on the menu bar is seems like it is possible to change the menu bar, but you can customize it according to however you like by several ways. If you customize it, it could be dynamic and pretty compact menu bar which would make your life easier whenever you are using MAC OS X. To clean the mess out of the menu bar, I will mention two easy tools to help you out in managing the menu bar.

Two tools to customize MAC OS X


By this tool you can kill the least used application icons from the menu bar. This bar puts the icons in order in the menu bar by hiding selected applications, or by moving them to the bartender bar which could be hidden on the screen and could be accessed by the bartender icon. Now the question is how to add the icon on the bartender bar, so follow these steps:

  • Click preferences on the bartender bar icon
  • As the window opens of bartender application, Under the “menu items”, select the specific application icon which you want to be appeared on it, such as twitter and then select “show in bartender bar, not in menu bar”.bartender 1bartender 2

You can do this for each of the application icons you would like to be appeared on the bartender hidden bar. Under this screen there are a lot other options which you can make changes too, this application is totally customize by you, and you can change the settings as according to your desire. You can download bartender application for free but for the beta version.


This is also an application which could be used to customize the menu bar. As you open broomstick it gives you options to perform specific actions for the menu bar, for example,” hide an app” this option removes the icon completely from the menu bar.

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The next comes “show an app”, this brings back the icon which you removed or hid. The third one is according to what you want to customize “customize order of menu bar icons”, this enables you rearrange the icons by just entering their names in the bar which is show on this image, instead of moving the icons around and making it more mess you can just write the names and broomstick will put them in order for you.

broomstick 1broomstick 2

This application is free to download and is very easy to handle, if your desired application icon isn’t available you can send a request to add that app and have to wait till you get a response on the next update of this application.

These both tools are easy to handle, if you can’t find one, the other one will surely help you out. There are a lot other tools to customize the menu bar of MAC OS X, but I have mentioned the easy ones for you which are at easy access and understandable.

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