Step By Step Jailbreak iOS 6.1 (5.2) Guide For Apple TV 2

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The users have got their jailbreaking tool for bringing their Apple handsets in the open contract free environment. The developers have provided the Apple customers with another tool that will help them in breaking the contract of the Apple TV 2 that it has with the Apple and allowing them to use the applications by the third parties. The Seas0nPass update has made it possible for the users to untether jailbreak the TV 2 and bringing the features that can make the TV device more exciting for the users.

Step By Step Jailbreak Guide   

This update is compatible with the Apple TV 2 only. It does not work with the TV 3 devices featuring 1080p. In this process, the users need to have a USB cable to link their TV 2 device to the computer. Along with this, the users also need the remote control of the TV. The Mac and the Windows users both can jailbreak their device by following the main principle described in the steps listed below.

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  • Step 1:

The users have to get the Seas0nPass on their system.

Download the Seas0nPass [Mac/Windows]

  • Step 2:

After the download is complete, drag and drop the application on the desktop of the desktop system. Then press the Create IPSW button. On pressing this button, the Seas0nPass will start downloading the Apple TV 5.2 or called as iOS 6.1 firmware. The application is intended to create the custom IPSW which is jailbroken and can be then used with your Apple TV 2.

  • Step 3:

The next step involves the linking of your Apple device and the desktop system. The accurate connection will be ensured by the LED light indicator provided in front of the device.

  • Step 4:

Now you have to put the TV 2 in the DFU mode. For this purpose, the users have to press and hold the Menu and the Play/Pause button given on the remote control for almost 7 seconds.

  • Step 5:

The Seas0nPass will be able to read the device in the DFU mode in few seconds. This will automatically start the recovery process. The application will open up the iTunes and it will show the exact path of the custom file. Here, the users need not to do anything. The whole process is automated and a little time consuming. Therefore, the users have to wait till the process is complete.  Close the application once the Restore is done.


  • Step 6:

The users have to disconnect the TV 2 from the system and provide the AC power to the device and wait till the users gets the LED light on.

  • Step 7:

If on the Home display of the device, there comes an icon with the name FireCore logo then the device is jailbroken.

Benefits Of Jailbreak:

  • Customization

The users can edit the menu settings on the device after jailbreaking their device.

  • Media

The users can get the subscription to access the largest database of the Media.

  • XBMC

This is a database that provides the content like media files, custom themes and other plugins.

  • aTV Flash (Black)

Once the device is a jailbreak, simply run the aTV Flash(black) on the desktop system and it will install the common jailbreak applications on the Apple based device.

  • Web Browsing

 The users can get the WebKit tool on their system to see the favorite websites on the TV 2 devices.

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