Skype 4.2 Update Allows To Chat With Contacts Of Messenger, Hotmail and

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The social networking options are now a days very trendy. The companies mention the presence of these social networks in their devices to attract the attention of the users. The Smartphones by the companies feature the Facebook, Skype and Twitter and other such applications to stay in touch with their loved ones. With the changes in the technology, applications are updated to cope with the changes in the technology. Therefore, the Skype is also updated by the developing team to add new and advanced features in the Skype application. The update is mainly to entertain the users of the iPhone and the iPad.

The Skype will show bigger UI once the users get the update in their devices. Microsoft has pleased its users with another update. This new update is featuring new improved and enhanced functions. The features enclosed in the update, allow the users to communicate and connect with other communication platforms. With the release of the older version, the Skype merged with the Microsoft.

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The new update that came into the market is the version 4.2 and it has opened the ways for the other Microsoft options to be accessed through the Skype. Therefore, in a way we can take this merge lucky and in favor of the users.


The users when sign in with the Skype, they do not need to switch to other applications to check and chat with their added contacts. The Skype allows the users to chat with the groups and persons in the Messenger,  Hotmail and the The users need not to go out of the Skype to contact their loved ones in the other chatting forums and the applications. The features of the older version are also added in the new version 4.2 of the Skype.

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The UI in the new version is providing the option of setting the things according to the will of the users. The users can dedicate the emoticon for the IMs that is instant messages. There is also an option of changing and setting these IMs by simply keeping the fingers at rest on IMs. The animated IMs feature is dedicated for the iOS devices having the Retina Display. These emoticons are quite small. Therefore, the devices which do not have the retina display and are set at a lower resolution, will not present these iMs nicely.


 The features that are accompanied by the Skype 4.2 are given below.

  • Chat facility with the Messenger, Hotmail, contacts.
  • Sign-in and get connected to the Microsoft accounts.
  • Facility to create new account staying inside the application.
  • Tap and get the option to edit the IMs.
  • Retina Display is the best option to give out the excellent result of the emoticons display.
  • Changing the Saved Contacts from the keypad.
  • Fixes for the Issues and the Bugs.

skype + Windows

This new update can entertain in the best way with all these added features. The users need not to hold many applications in their devices when they have access to all others from one single application.

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