ShockDrop iPad Mini Cases Hit The Market Before The Launch

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Apple has sent out invitations to the media and other analysts to witness the second launches in the same Fall season. The invitations were given after an hour of the Microsoft announcements of its Tablets. The event is expected to have announcements of the iPad Mini, MacBook Pro and some softwares that will help the devices from Apple to connect to each other to transfer data.  The iPad Mini is said to be 7.85 inches long.

The iPad Mini is believed to have the WiFi and the Cellular Network compatibility. The Mini device will feature the models of 8, 16, 32 and 64 GB sizes. Along with the company there are other parties in the market who are busy in production parallel to the Apple. The case makers are quite busy in producing low priced and easily accessible accessories. Though the company is not giving out any information but the third party groups are working on the rumors spreading in the market. Third party HardCandy, products appeared on the shelves of the market before the launch of the device itself.

HardCandy Cases

A smaller company, who is known for making the cases for the devices of different companies, has given out the ready to use cases for the Mini tablet. The device itself is not yet surfaced. The case manufacturing company is working on the speculations about the device in the market and producing the products. However, the details are not yet confirmed about the new little tech-machine, therefore we are not sure whether the cases will fit to the device or not.

The company previously worked on the iPhone4S cases and given out in the market before the actual release of the device. However, unfortunately the cases were not according to the sizes of the device so the production went to waste.  But the company did not give up. They prepared the cases for iPhone5  again before the arrival of iPhone5 in the market. This time they found luck as the devices released by the Apple fit to the cases so the company earned a profit this time.


The iPad Mini cases are set at the price of the $49.95. The cases products lie in Shock Drop line which is known to absorb the shock and saving the device from any damages. The cases are available in two colors that is red and black. The company confirms that the jackets will be available for shipment by the 25Th In October, that is two days later the Mini release.

The offerings include the 10mm shock absorbing silicon case, changeable screen protectors and scratch proof flaps. The shape and design of the cases provide the facilities like:

  • 10mm silicon shock absorbing all side protection.
  • Volume Increase and Decrease shaped body.
  • Firm grip surface.
  • Scratch proof Protector

We hope that the cases will fit the devices now though Apple does not like the pre-launches of products from any company.

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