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For nearly a week now, rumors about Twitter launching a music service were floating around, and finally today the company has officially announced that it is releasing “Twitter #Music” for iOS and on the web. Twitter has taken a step forward with Twitter #Music narrowing the empty space created when everyone left MySpace for other online music services, MySpace was one of the most effective music services until people starting vacating from it.

Twitter #Music interface has the similar look as of the other music apps where music is categorized in four different tabs: Popular, Suggested, Emerging and #NowPlaying. It uses the WeAreHunted startup for the platform which it quietly acquired last year. The biggest feature of Twitter #Music is complete integration of music with Spotify and Rdio, both belongs to the most popular music streaming services. Twitter’s exclusive role is in collecting data from your followers and to suggest and deliver music perfectly suited to your tastes. Another thing about Twitter #Music is that it can sync with iTunes. Twitter has promised to “add new ways through which people find music, based on Twitter.”

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The browser app’s design and the layout is simple. Go to and log in, and you’ll be presented with album covers of the most popular tracks. If you have ever spent time looking at trending topics on the side bar of Twitter, you will know the usual pop stuff you are in for. The list, brashly enough, goes up to 140 in number. You will find the artist’s name in the form of their hash tag (#) beneath each cover, and below that, the name of the track appears. Twitter has also added a numbering in the upper corner of each artist, so you know the ranking of the artist you are listening to. Mostly people are found listening to anything with a number 20 or below, mainly people go for top ten artists.


The company has also gone with the simple layout and design on its #Music app for iOS, and that’s an ultimate decision for the best. After all, we won’t be seeing Twitter #Music replacing Spotify or Rdio anytime soon, especially keeping in mind that those apps are essential to its operation. And until it offers something genuinely innovative that we haven’t seen so far in the music services that we’re already using (e.g Spotify and Rdio both offer powerful emerge discovery) we can’t see it becoming an important part of our lives, revenue share from those third-party apps should offer up an extra source for that ever-elusive Twitter revenue stream.

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Twitter #Music, overall shows a great degree of swiftness and polish. Twitter #Music is not shy but proud about having a little design personality while still maintaining more than enough branding presence unlike its Twitter apps. E.g. Twitter’s hash tag (#) are seen through the whole of the app. The name of application on your homescreen simply displays “#music”.

We hope someday we will see some change over to Twitter for iPhone, but maybe with fewer hash tags. Twitter #music is available for iPhone and can be downloaded from the App Store.

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