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This one is for all political junkies out there. Whether you’re new to the game as elections reach their final hour or a hardcore politics person, you want to know as soon as the latest polls are in right? Well the people over at TPM aka Talking Points Memo hear you loud and clear.

With smartphones doing almost everything apart from making and receiving calls now, there is an app for everything and everyone. With the TPM PollTracker, everything regarding the latest polling data for the 2012 elections is in the palm of your hand, quite literally.

The PollTracker is an extension of the web based service Talking Points Memo and is available for the iOS devices on the Apps Store. Because this is TPM’s fourth cycle covering the elections, these people know exactly what they’re talking about. In the election year 2012, this is probably the most informative app out there.

PollTracker takes data from various sources and displays it in a number of ways, as averages or as thoroughly detailed information. It shows the political leanings and tendencies of voters as well as their demographic data. The PollTracker is an information database for the electoral addict in all of us, me included.

PollTracker App

The charts can be viewed depending on the users level of interest as well, with a pan view of the basic trend on display. This can be zoomed in upon to see statistical facts and figures in details and filters are provided for more curious users. The filter option allows for more leeway in scrutinizing the polling data and learning even more.

The reason why PollTracker is getting the amount of active users is due to the fact that it’s very ergonomically developed; how it is tailored to suit every type of user and what they might be interested in in these elections. The information provided is displayed in a variety of ways, with cool interactive charts that cater to our visual needs. The various charts and graphs included show the trends of every election taking place, be it the presidential race, congressional polls or governorship and state issues. The list goes on and on and even the most obscure races are covered in the PollTracker.

The push notification feature is very handy indeed, in it, users can highlight and mark those elections and house races that they are most interested in following. For these assigned races, the users are notified in real time as soon as a particular poll comes in. The information can then be shared via social networks that the user is on through the app itself.

In case election watchers need any explanations regarding certain polling trends, a special feature was added into the app. A detailed analysis of staffers from the website is provided that can clarify the reasoning behind many polling trends.

The app can be downloaded for iOS devices on the iTunes App Store which gives an insight into Talking Points Memo followers. Although there is no news yet for an android version, developers are saying that they are keeping their eyes peeled for an android demand. In case this happens, they will easily shift the free app over to the android platform for even more poll crazy people to obsess over.

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