Next Generation Video Format H.265 Approved; With Lesser Usage Of Bandwidth For High Quality Video

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The study of new trends and needs reveals that the users want to have better resolution and graphics in their devices. The companies are following the trend by using the advanced technology for giving better video quality to their users. The top devices like iPad and iPhone from Apple use the video CODEC H.264. The new version of the Codec H.264 which is now H.265, has been approved by the team at the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) after testing the technology. The next version of the technology is going to offer many improvements and advancements in terms of features and functions.

The notable feature presented by the next technology is that the better and high quality video can be displayed even on less bandwidth. This new technology is termed as the High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) for identification before some proper and final name of the technology comes in the knowledge of the users and industry personnels. This new technology will change the concept of the video running on the devices. It will make the display much clearer and sharp making it more enjoyable for the users.

The Joint venture was done between the MPEG and the VCEG. The purpose  behind the establishment of the venture was to work on the next generation of the video coding technology which is HEVC. The HEVC technology will have the functions like providing better video quality, double the data compression ratio, 8192*4320p resolution and in the end, coming with the support of 8K UHD.


This technology is focusing to capture the next generation HDTV displays and data capture systems. This system is coming with the progressive scanned frame rates and display pixels placement and adjustment. It is giving the improved image quality by reducing the noise, color gamut and dynamic range.

The compression ratio of the technology is made twice as strong as it was provided in the older version. This is made possible because of the aggressive compression done while encoding the codes. This technology supports the resolution up to 8192*4320p. This is the 8K data ensured by this high resolution.  Apple devices use the technology to run games smoothly even if they are high definition and features stuffed games. The use of the H.265 technology in the iOS devices is not yet confirmed. If the manufacturers want to embed this technology in their chips then they have to add the hardware that supports H.265 encoding and decoding functions.

This technology will bring good points for the users.

  • It will allow the users to keep the videos in smaller file size.
  • There can be many uses of the technology that may be revealed by developers in future. They may make it possible to capture high quality videos with good resolutions.
  • ITunes can make the existing video stream and this can be done without  consuming a lot of data. This feature is critical for mobile connections.
  • The 4K data support for the Apple devices and iTunes both.

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