Mixbook’s Mosaic–Make Photo Books From Your iPhone

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Lo and behold the new Mosaic, from iPhone App store. Mosaic is something entirely new. It’s the photos you just took. According to its makers; Mosaic is an app that is fast, smooth and seamless, also a first of its kind and definitely something you’ll fall in love with. The new app from Mixbook enables you to make photo books right on your iPhone and the good news is; it making its public debut today! This app has started to roll out to people who had previously requested early access, before it becomes widely available next week. It has been structured as the most stress-free way of building a printed photo book using the photos saved in your phone memory, and even more so, it delivers on the spot.

Mixbook's Mosaic

Photo books that are ordered digitally are infamously known for being hard to crack. Too many options or not many options, extensively elaborate layouts and stress over finish end up confuses potential customers and completely turns them off to the whole painstaking process. Even though, there are pretty high quality books available which are preferred by majority, but the whole process of ordering and attaining them is still a hassle that can take a lot of time via online ordering or photo store kiosk.

Even though, Mosaic is not the first mobile app to offer the option of printing photos in book format, but it is surely one of the speediest tools for doing the job. Also, one of its best features is claimed to be more common, but is yet unusually rare in mobile photo apps in general, and that is; you can in fact view the images that you’re selecting very clearly, unlike many mobile photo-sharing apps present you with small photo thumbnails. Anyhow in Mosaic, the thumbnails are larger, and well-fitting. Little things bring about great changes.

Mosaic App iPhone

The chosen photos appear in a scrollable section below the thumbnail gallery which enables you to easily tap them again for a full screen view, or to “keep” or “delete” the photos. Moreover, adjusting the order is made easier by dragging-and-dropping them around, and then by tapping “Done” to complete your order. This can be done by picking up 20 photos (which is the upper limit of Mosaic for one album) from your Camera Roll, albums, or Photostream, which are then printed to a 20 page book for 20 dollars. Voila!

Despite the smooth working of the app and the focus on simplicity and user friendliness, it still lacks a few features, like the ability to add captions, dates, a title page, or even saving your photo book as a work in progress. Tsk tsk!

However, rumors have it that the app might be updated in the future with scant additions, like being able to include a title page, or perhaps a feature, for example, that enables you to re-order more copies of the same book.


Physically it is a 7-inch, hardcover book with white or black pages including a customized cover with cutouts featuring (staying true to its name) a mosaic of the photos the book includes! Furthermore, through this app you’ll soon be allowed you to send personalized gift messages, a treat for the holidays. Those of you who haven’t pre-ordered Mosaic would be able to check the App Store in a week’s time. So, stay tuned!

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