OS X 10.8.3 Comes With Solution To Pixelmator ‘Restarting’ Issue

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The sources were talking about the problems that may appear in the OS X 10.8.2. These issues may come due to the Pixelmator. The device started showing some malfunctioning by restarting the machine again and again. The sources thought that this was because of the Pixelmator. However, the root cause behind the problem was not the due to the code of the Pixelmator but it was because of the NVIDIA GeForce graphics card drivers.

The problem has been solved however with the new update. The Pixelmator officials have revealed that with the release of the OS X update, the bug has been fixed. One of the blog has published the information that the Pixelmator was tested on the machine and the good news is that the problem was not because of the application but it was something else that was making problem.


It is specially designed for the Mac devices. It has many useful and exciting features which make it a must have tool on your devices. The tools provided in the application are Soft Proofing, New Effects, Retina Ready, Alignment Guides, Layers, Type Tool, Shapes, Paint Tools, Color Adjustments, Save For Web, compatibility, Info Bar, OS X Mountain Lion and Full Screen features. The added features in the application to make the tasks easier for the users are as follows.


Soft Proofing

It makes it easy to preview images and photos and allow to take the prints in colors that are close to those appearing on the screen.

Retina Ready

The application has the user friendly interface. There is a powerful tool for editing the images that are compatible with the Retina Display.

New Effects

There are many new effects added like vintage, miniature, black and white, rain and snow effects. It is to give dramatic effect to the photos and images.

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Alignment Guides

This quickly position, align and even distribute objects in the application.

Type Tool

It allows to add text on the images and the pictures users take. They can save the memories on the pictures by adding text on them.


There are built in shapes provided in the application. There are rectangles, rounded rectangles, ellipse, polygon, star, line and others.

Paint Tools

There are added all the painting tools to make it easy for you to turn your canvas as you want it to be. The users can do it by making use of the tools and turn the canvas into frames as required.

 Save For Web

The users can insert the images and photos on the web by applying very less effort.


The Pixelmator is compatible with the latest and upcoming OS X Mountain Lion Technologies.

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