Download Evasi0n v1.2 Along With Cydia To Untethered Jailbreak iOS 6/ 6.1

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The jailbreak latest tool, Evas0in, developed and launched by a team of awesome and known programmers with ultimate knowledge on Apple products- Evaders- has received another update, that too, so soon after its original launch. Well we have to give it in for the dedication that has been put in by the team in developing and nurturing their baby.

As we have always maintained that no product, no matter how perfect the team is, is ever perfect, at least not in the first attempt. Just a few days ago (Last Monday) evasi0n’s first version was released after a truly very long and patient wait. As expected it did have a few minor issues here and there. The update released today has removed all the latest known and identified bugs and issues that the users faced while jail-breaking their device.

The initial issue faced was that was for the weather app on iPhone. Although there were some not so easy to implement methods which involved running a few complicated scripts from the command line, the Evad3rs had finally made everything much easier by solving the issue in their first update a few days ago. The first update solved the App issues and other such complicated yet solvable through other methods, problems and today’s second update that has been launched via Cydia cleans out the bugs and errors that still existed. Or so does the update claims.

Evasi0n Updated To Version 1.2

So what has been updated in the latest version?

For one it fixed the annoying prompts of available firmware updates which mean that the setting app will not bother the users when the iOS 6.1.1 goes live at some point in near future. Also the automatic date and time issues faced by all those devoted Evsi0n and iPhone users have been solved.

Along with all other updates the Evasi0n desktop tools for all three operating systems- Windows, Mac and Linux, has also been updated to v1.2. Those users who have given themselves a benefit of the doubt and kept themselves from injecting the Envsi0n into their devices till the bugs are identified and solved may now safely jailbreak their devices and experience the newly improved amazing and easy to use jailbreak tool.

Evasi0n 1.2

As soon as the Evasi0n was launched, there were around 100,000 downloads of the product within the first ten minutes which has reached to around seven million downloads till date. This is a success that perhaps the Evad3rs did not even imagine or maybe they had hoped for. As we have said time and again that nothing is perfect, not at least the moment of their first launch, and the users who listened to us and kept saved from not only the slowing down of Cydia but also all the expected bugs and issues can now download the tool as Cydia is now more calm and responsive as the initial rush has hushed up.

The latest updates can be downloaded from the links given below:

  • Download Evasi0n for Windows

  • Download Evasi0n for Mac

  • Download Evasi0n for Linux

Important Note: Above links are no more valid. Download upgraded version of Evasion from the link below.

Guide To Jailbreak iOS 6.1.2 With Evasi0n 1.4

Enjoy the update and do not forget to let us know about your experience.

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