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Some people are really loyal to the brands they are addictive to, such as in gadgets it’s the Apple iPhone, iPhone users are mostly the ones who have been using the iPhone since it was first launched, but now since Android is taking its leads by many latest cell devices, people are getting distracted and are attracted to Android and want to try that as well. But the fact remains that you have all your data on iPhone and how would you transfer that to the Android device? No one wants to lose their contacts list, messages, photos, music library and more because nowadays literally phone is your first best friend, you will see a phone in everyone’s hand and been engaged in it, either by texting, music, games etc.

You want to transfer your data by an easier and convenient way . Don’t worry, it’s easy!

I will mention some steps which are easily accessible and followed. There are some ways such as downloading apps to transfer data, by your Google account, and by iCloud as well but I will mention a very easy step, all you need is a laptop and your work will be done in few minutes.

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MobileTrans has been increasingly used by the mass to transfer their data to another phone. This really saves your time and energy as well and you don’t even get fed up that how long it will take to get it done. This software helps you transferring ALL your data in just few seconds.

Transfer Data from iPhone to Android

  • First download MobileTrans, you can download it from the official website of or for free.
  • As you download, launch the softwaremobiletrans
  • Connect both phones to your laptop by the USB cable for each phone, in this case, connect your iPhone and Android phone to the laptop.
  • Once the phones are connected, the software will detect them automatically. You will see an image of both devices and under it there must be a message of “connected” with a green check mark.iphone-to-htc1
  • In the Middle of the images of both devices you will see the options to select what data you want to transfer. Place a check mark on the options which data you want to transfer and click on “Start Copy”.
  • A window pops up above the software window, showing the progress of transferring data.iphone-to-htc2

Once it is done, you are good to go, just by one click all your data will be transferred to another device without any hassle. We provide with the most accurate and easier ways to answer your queries. Everything is available on the internet to make your life easier, you just need to hit a search on it and you won’t have to worry or run after someone to find a solution for your concerns.

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