Gmail For iOS Updated To Better Support Google Apps

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Recently Google is active in rolling updates for its applications not just for the Android OS but also for its apps found in iOS. Last week Google worked on its Google Search application for iOS to make it even more better, reliable and easier. Google Now was introduced to the iOS users with an update to the Google Search app, there was a reason that Google didn’t made a separate app for iOS as Apple might not allow it to be the part of App Store. We know Apple and Google are on the verge of war to get the maximum market share and are leading the market as the top two market leaders in Smartphone and Tablet market. Google updated Gmail app for the iOS today making it more beneficial for its users. We will discuss it in detail below.


Google is trying to get even a single drop of market share by rolling updates for its applications. As Android OS is a part of Google and it gives 100% profit to Google with the sale of any Android powered device but Google has not stopped here as many of its PC users are not using Android powered devices, they are using IPhones, Windows Phone 8 and other platforms when it comes to Smartphones. Not wanting to lose its users Google is working hard on providing the best experience on different platforms that are not a part of Google by releasing apps for these platforms and adding new features to them with future updates. As for the results Google is doing great by keeping its users happy and by fulfilling their demands.

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A day ago, Google released an update for the Gmail app for the iOS that added more features and improvements to the app and it also brings a better integration with the other existing Google services for the iOS platform.


Don’t get the wrong idea by the better integration, its not that you are going to see pop up menus and notification in the app but it has made easy for us to stay in the Google ecosystem. If you get a link in mail we can open it by taping it, if  you have the other Google apps installed already. Or if you get a link for the Google Maps, it will open in Google Maps apps directly just by tapping the link. Same goes for the link that contains a YouTube link, by tapping on the link, it will open the YouTube app. Or if you get any other link it can be opened using Chrome Browser instead of Safari Browser. For those who don’t like this idea they can also disable it.


The update also added a feature where you can login and logout from up to five of your accounts individually as before you have to login and logout at once from all of the account but not anymore.

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This update from the Google shows that or want to tell its users that those who are not a using Android but are a part of Google services, they can stay pretty well connected with the Google services using their IPhone and Ipad. Apple is a limited OS so users might not see this integration as tight as it is in Android.

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