iPhone 6 Coming In Market With 4.8-Inch Display, A7 Processor And No Home Button?

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People have not enjoyed iPhone 5 fully yet and the rumors are floating about the next model of the iOS devices. The tips are coming on the market about the new activities of the company. As usual the words are not from the company officials. However, the sources are leaking things out about what is happening deep inside the company.

The new prototypes are out and expected to be the next generation iPhone. This speculation has opened the doors to the thoughts, that the world is going to experience new technologies. If the analysts were expecting a blast of technology in the 5Th Generation then ultimately they will look forward to something even bigger and exciting. The tips given out so far about the next iDevice are about the battery, camera, screen, processor, looks and feel, and enhancement and improvement in other parts as well.


The iPhone 5 is still under the process of improvements by pushing out the updates. Therefore, in this situation if the users are getting the next device then this can be quite exciting for them. The title given to the next device is not yet decided. It might be known as the iPhone 5S or even the totally next generation. The sources claim that they have news about the new Super HD camera addition in the device along with the Super HD screen and even the stronger battery and NFC.

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The information also lead to the release of color availability. The new model may feature a number of color options to make the selection even easier. The users who want to get the matching handsets to their dresses, are more interested in the range of colors available for them in their favorite set. The other functions and features revealed about the upcoming iPhone is the addition of the Retina+ IGZO screen, the size of the screen is however 4.8 inches and the processor is improved as well.

The company is reported to include the new A7 quad core processor. The usual home button is not added in the new prototype of the next iPhone. The users may get the opportunity to get their hands on the full gesture control.

iphone6 camera

The company is following the strategy of bringing out the new products at the year end. However, this time the users do not have to wait till long time as the company is getting away from its strategy by releasing the device in the middle of the year. People who can afford the high-priced devices fancy to get the iPhones at its release.

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The other companies in the market get the full benefits out of the full year gaps between the releases by the Apple. They bring out their devices at lower prices and grab the attention of the users. The company seems all set now to keep its customers with it by giving out releases in the mid of year as well.

The rivals however, do not leave their competitors alone any time. The other companies are also coming in the market with their products. Just like the Samsung has tipped out that they are bringing “Something New and Exciting” to the market in coming January 2013.

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