iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak by the Evad3rs (Pod2G, Planetbeing, Pimskeks And MuscleNerd) Is Ready

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Twitter is a social media networking site which is also the voice of many celebrities around the world as well as a rumor house. Any news or tweet on it spreads like fire and has an impact that now other means of gossip has. Lately, it was heard that the hacker Planetbeing twitted about the future of Jail breaking. Many gossipers and analyst were developing pretty interesting theories most of them solidifying the news on iOS6 Untethered Jailbreak. Some suggested that maybe they had found a bootrom exploit, which sounded a bit far stretched as this part of hacking has not been worked upon since LimeRa1n.

Recently hacker Pod2G, another brilliant developer, started working in collaboration with Planetbeing on the Untethered solution project. Again, twitter being the source it seems that both the great hackers Pimskeks and Muscle Nerd are about to finish the work and the product will be out for the users soon enough.


The latest tweet is a proof that this awesome solution for iOS will be out for public within a few weeks and not months as initially assumed. It seems as if the hackers are perhaps waiting for the Apple, the world’s most renowned enterprise when it comes to smartphones and related devices, to launch the final version of the operating system, 6.1, so that the makers can be sure that their product will be perfect enough for the latest operating system as well. This will also help the hacker to sort out any compatibility issues that may arise due to programming fixations.

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This time round, the various famous hackers have ended up working as a joint venture and hence the four hackers who have been tirelessly and passionately working day and night to develop the Untethered Jailbreak have decided to rename themselves with the launch of their new product. The new name they have decided to give to their venture or group is Evad3rs.


So yet again the news is pretty exciting and we at Geek Chunk are waiting patiently for the product by Evad3rs or any new development which happen within a few days. This news is pretty hot and is being gossiped over a lot. We intend to bring every single detail that can be validated as well or if the source is authentic enough.

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For a layman (or those who are not real sure what Jailbreak is) I have decided to explainit in a few a few words.

It is a process where the limitations on the iProducts operating systems could be removed using various software. This is a necessary process for the Apple products if the users intend to use application not approved by the enterprise. This is almost a similar process like rooting in androids the difference being that in Android operating system it is not a necessity.

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