How To Setup The VIP Email Feature In iOS 6

By | May 5, 2013

There are a million people out there using Smartphones nowadays because of the convenience level it provides us is so feasible that we prefer them to the most. iPhone, HTC, Samsung series are the most popular nowadays, the OS on them are very satisfying that even if you are not on your laptop you can check your updates on the phone by the applications each OS has. iOS which is the operating system for iPhone or iPad has a built in mail app which is connected to your hotmail or Microsoft outlook account. It pops up the mail as soon as you receive on the specific account you have set for the mail app. You don’t even have to worry about not reading your mails on time, if Wi-Fi or 3G network is connected to your device.

The updated version of Apple, iOS6 has a new feature in the mail app. It has given an option for the VIP mail. This option lets you separate your important mails than the other unnecessary mails you receive. As all the mails come in you “Inbox”, you can separate the mails by assigning important contacts in VIP folder which allows the assigned contacts mail go directly to that folder and you won’t have to find them in the “Inbox” folder within the other males. This saves you a lot of time and you won’t have to face any problems.

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Now, how to set it up on your Apple iOS 6 iPhone or iPad?

Follow the steps accordingly and you will be done setting up the future in no time.

  • Open the “Mail” app on your device
  • Under “All inboxes” , you will see the option for “VIP”, do not tap on the name of it, tap on the blue arrow beside it.VIP arrow
  • That takes you to a screen where you can add contacts to the VIP folder, by doing this all the mails from that contact will directly appear under VIP folder.
  • Press “done” when you are finished assigning contacts. There is no limit to add the contacts, you can add as many as you want.

Now when you go back the mail screen you can select VIP folder and the mails from the contacts you have added to the folder will appear there.

  • You can also adjust the notification settings for it, for example if you want a pop up on the screen or you want a notification in the notification bar of your phone. Make sure the notifications are “on” and follow the same procedure mentioned above till “Add VIP”, there you will see “VIP alerts “at the bottom middle of the screen, this allows you to select the notifications for the feature.VIP-Inbox-

This feature separates the important mails and you don’t have to worry about missing any within the other mails in your inbox. You can easily and quickly check it without scrolling up and down with the inbox.

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We provide you with the best and most reliable information to help you out in every way. If the steps followed accurately you won’t face any hassle setting up the “VIP” feature in mail app.

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