Download Redsn0w 0.9.15b2 To Tethered Jailbreak iPhone 3GS For Mac and Windows – Bugs Fixed

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The iPhone Dev-Team recently launched the jailbreak version RedSnOw V0.9.15b1. This release was supposed to jailbreak the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch.  The releases by the companies are a long process. They undergo a series of analysis, design, testing and maintenance process. The companies before releasing any software test it completely in-house. However, they might do not face maximum bugs in testing phase and with limited usage.

However, when the releases are surfaced thousands of users go for it. They install the packages in their devices, each with different scenarios. There may reside some different applications and softwares in the devices that are not compatible with the latest release. Therefore, the customers put up their queries and the companies get the hands on a wider range of issues.  The companies issues updates and fixes time to time to cope up with the problems of others. The iPhone Dev-Team released RedSnow version V0.9.15b2 after the first release V0.9.15b1.

Redsn0w 0.9.15b2

The iPhone Dev Team has provided the version for two OS. The users can run the version b2 in either Windows OS or even if they have an Apple system, then they have the facility to download the Mac OS X version. The links to download the RedSnOw V0.9.15b2 are provided as follows.

  • Download RedSnOw V0.9.15b2  For Windows. (Run in Administrator Mode)
  • Download RedSnOw V0.9.15b2  For Mac OS X. (Press Ctrl+Enter if on the Mountain Lion)

The official statement provided for the release of RedSnOw gives the information that the b2 version provides fixes to the 3GS users. The iPhone 3GS owns the old bathroom. This bootrom is well taken care of in the new issue. Along with the iPhone 3GS, the iPad baseband support is also fixed.

Just  like the iPhone 5, the company faced many complaints and fixes in the early days. Although the iPhone version was considered as the so far biggest release by Apple and went through a lot of testing and research again and again. But still they faced the problem with the device and its running system.  Similarly, the companies have to look into freshly surfaced items again and again to put up improved and enhanced versions for the ease of the customers.

This new version of RedSnOw will particularly address the iPhone 3GS old bootrom issues. The first version b1 was hard to cope with iOS 6. In order to get the tethered 3GS jailbreak then the users have to go for the b2 release. This will open up their devices to the third party applications. The term tethered is used so it is quite sure that the device will have to attach to iTunes or system each time to boot the device as on every reboot, the devices lost the track of jailbreak history.

As this b2 version is specific to 3GS and iPad, the iPhone users have to have till the team manages to give out another version release b3 this time addressing the problems of the iPhone 4.

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