Budget iPhone Featuring Looks Of iPhone 5, iPod Touch, iPod Classic?

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Though the Apple devices remains a secret until the last moment regarding their features and specifications. This way the company keeps the interest of the users. The sources somehow manages to bring out information about the Apple devices. Now the eyes are on the low budget iPhone by the Apple company. The Apple devices are always admired by the users and they want to get the devices working under the flag of Apple. The company has finally decided to entertain the users having low budgets.

The sources are now reporting about the features and the looks of the upcoming device so that the users keep their interest with the device and save their money for the upcoming device. The design and body material has been mentioned in the report. The device is going to have the plastic body and along with this, the design of the device is giving the looks of the iPhone 5 and the iPod Touch and even the iPod Classics.


The front of the device looks like the popular and latest Apple Smartphone iPhone 5. The shape, sensor, camera and the button arrangements are kept like they are in the iPhone5. This will make the low budget buyers feel high as if they are enjoying the full version of the device. The low cost is maintained by bringing the technology down. The body material is also used by keeping the price factor in mind. The resolution coming with the device is 1136*640p screen. This is though not very high resolution but the company defends itself by controlling the price.

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The front glass of the device is adjusted in a way it is kept in the iPhone 5 and iPod Touch. The expectations reveals that the company may stick on the Gorilla Glass for the screen of the handset. The side looks of the device show the volume buttons. They are a bit more like the iPod Touch and iPhone 3G/3GS with an elongated shape rather than the round shaped buttons on the iPhone 4, 4S and 5. The iPod Classic touch is also given to the device. The iPod Classic curved edges are introduced at the rear edges of the device. The budget device will be featuring the 4 inch screen with the Retina Display. The new device  is not as thin as the iPod Touch is and the body material used is the plastic rather than metal.


The sides and the back of the budget phone are kept flat. The SIM tray is kept in the way it is on the iPhone 5. The SIM tray is on the right side of the phone placed at the center of the phone. The back is flat which will stop it to make noise when it will be on the vibration. The device features the camera, round shaped microphones for the reception of sounds, the rear flash, headphone port and the lightning ports. Along with these, there are four speaker holes to ensure the clear and loud sound.

Source: iLounge

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