Apple’s New iMac Announced–5mm Thick, Comes in 27 and 21.5 inches and Ships in November

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Not as big as the iPhone 5 event, but still a big crowd has gathered at the media jungle today for the Apple’s new products launch.  The pretty massive and impressive theatre was filled up pretty fast with a lot of developers, partners and media people. Go figure! Anyhow, Tim Cook started off by bragging a bit about the iPhone 5’s success claiming that it was the fastest-selling phone ever and how the Apple team has worked amazingly hard to deliver products like iPhone 5, and that is why they love doing it. Also, all the latest devices of Apple are powered on iOS6–the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. Turns out, today is an important day for Mac, after launching the MacBook and the Mac Mini Phil turns to iMac—the number one desktop model in the US!


It is undoubtedly a great design, evolved over years, with each generation being better than the previous one and a total of seven of them. Today we see the next generation of iMac; the flagship of the Mac line. Amongst many Oooh’s and aaah’s Phil showed the super duper thin display, with the edge being 5mm thin which is 80 percent  thinner than the previous generation. Oh and the stand is called ‘chin,’ with love, with a friction stir welding.


Let’s talk more about the specifications; it comes in two dimensions 27 inches and 21.5 inches, fully laminated and 75 percent less reflection than its elder sibling. Also, coming with a FaceTime HD camera, stereo sound system and you’ll definitely forget about GB’s once you know that it has storage capacity of up to 3 TB! And Intel core i5 and i7 processors. Furthermore, it sports four USB 3 ports and a new storage option knows as the Apple Fusion Drive.  Hm, so what is this fusion drive? It comes with 28 SDD and a 1TB or 3TB HDD, fused together with software. Core applications, OS and some of your most used apps stay on the SSD—Apple figures that out itself, pretty smart eh?–while the documents stay on the HDD. The performance is very much like any standard SSD. I’d say Good job on the Fusion Drive Apple!


Wondering about the keyboard and the precious mouse? This young iMac comes with a wireless mouse and a keyboard and of course you can also get a Magic Trackpad. And for those of people out there who’re like me and like to stick to the past, well they can get an optical drive and be happy about it. Another good thing about iMac is that it consumes 50 percent less power when in idle mode. Whoa!

Now, the shipping of the 21.5 inches display iMac starts at $1299, this year in November, which means next month. And the 27 inches display iMac starts at $1799, shipping a month later than its little twin, which means in December. According to Phil, this is the boldest design that Apple people have done so far and this is all about the new iMac. That’s all folks!

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