iOS 6.1 Encountered Battery, 3G And Syncing Issues

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The Apple company has provided the users with the new update of the operating system. This is the new iOS 6.1promised to bring many advance features and functions for the users. The release however, brought some issues and bugs as well. The Apple official forum page is getting the posts about the issues facing by the users after installing the new OS in their iOS devices. The users are talking about the issues like losing battery  power, heating up of battery and even the bugs while working with the 3G Networks.

The iDevices are getting these issues, but the iPhone 4S are facing the problems especially. The carriers in the UK are informing their users with the consequences that they may face after upgrading their devices to the new 6.1 operating system. The public service messages have been broadcasted by the companies by sending the instant messages to their devices. This message says that the users should wait to install the OS on their devices until they get the bug free update from the company end.

iOS 6.1 update

The users are having a number of problems with this install.

  • Battery Drain

The battery of the devices is getting empty earlier than their usual time. They charge their devices to full capacity as before but their devices leave them before time. As this is unusual therefore, the users were not ready for this and had to suffer without their devices until they reach their charging places.

  • Disabled Meeting Management via iDevices

The AOL has given out a statement to the corporate sector users. They have informed their users that the meetings handling through the mobile platforms are not possible for a span of time. The new release iOS 6.1 coming to the iPhone, iPad and even iPod Touch users are facing the issues while getting up-to-date. The statement shows that the users will not be able to get synchronized with the calendar meeting invitation. As there are a lot of users relying on this feature, therefore, it will cause the downgrading in feedback to the company.

The development team is trying to fix the problem as early as possible. Hope to get this update soon.


  • 3G

The update has even caused breakage in the internet connection in some devices. The users are unable to get linked with the internet as they normally can do. Therefore, they are facing problems.

  • Calling And Texting Error

Among the other behaviors shown by the devices after getting the Ios 6.1 in their devices, one is that the users are unable to send the messages to their contact list in the normal way. They are not even able to call their friends and family in a proper way.

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The company’s development team is already working on this issue and they will be able to release the 6.1.1 version soon with the fix to these bugs. The carriers, providing the mobile services to the users are recommending that until the company does not come up with the solution, the users should keep their devices from the iOS 6.1 installation.


iOS 6.1.1 build 10B145 Fix To 3G Performance; Status Testing Complete


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