Apple To Hit 50 Billion Downloaded Apps Soon

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Smartphones are used by everyone nowadays because of the apps provided in it. They are initially known for their apps otherwise for calling and texting just a simple phone could be used as well. IPhone, Samsung, HTC and more smartphones have been popular among the people, but the most popular are the apps of iPhone, there are millions of apps running on the iOS and are downloaded by billions of people across the globe. Apple will soon reach the magnificent 50 apps downloaded from the iTunes app store. Since January of this year the app store hit 40 billion downloaded apps which indicate that soon it will hit 50 billion downloaded apps which are meant to be celebrated. It will keep on growing and increasing till the end of this year which really calls for a celebration.

Apple keeps on improving its services to satisfy its users. People who are loyal to apple brand and have been following the iPhone series since it was launched the first time , they aren’t convinced by any other smartphone or the OS system because they find Apple the most convenient and easier to handle.  If compared with android, people who haven’t used android smartphones fear losing Apple smartphones because they think android is much complicated than iOS.itunes 50 billion

Apple provides the paid apps and the free apps too. On the list of paid apps the top one is the Angry bird which is offered at a reasonable cost and since angry bird is the most played game by everyone, anyone would want to purchase if they are really addicted to it. On the top list of free apps is the Facebook, the social networking app which is used by everyone across the globe. Everyone has a Facebook account, either to be in contact with their loved ones or for business purposes. It has become the most popular site for advertisement as well because people tend to spend more time on Facebook rather than watching television or reading newspaper nowadays. Skype has also been the top free app for iPad.

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The apps you download on iPhone or iPad are counted as one download for each app, some people mistakenly think that downloading the apps on iPad would count as five apps downloaded, but No! One app is considered as one download. You will be surprised to know the Whatsapp messenger which has become the replacement for texting across the globe is also become one of the top paid apps, it only cost $0.99 one-time payment and you can contact anyone who has the app around the world.

This is a great achievement for Apple app store that it the downloaded quantity would be 50 billion in no time for them, which will motivate to bring more improvements for the iOS. People who stick around with Apple wouldn’t switch to any other smartphone because of the constant struggle and popularity of Apple Inc.

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